Writing is a Lonely Work

Now, all of the regular participants in Skype adda can speak more or less fluently. No one is afraid or ashamed to speak in English anymore. It is a very big success for all of us. We could achieve it because we are acting like a team. We are moving forward hand in hand like a unit. I have noticed that it takes around one month of time to be able to speak English fluently. If you can stay with us for 3 months then be sure you will be able to speak not only fluently but also confidently.

Now, we are trying for writing. Of course, writing is tougher and it is a lonely work. However, let us try to act like a team and write comments in one another’s posts. If we can do it then we will become fluent in writing too.

After the regular participants become fluent in writing, we will try to become skilled in grammar. The basic idea is that we become fluent in speaking and writing and then we try to learn grammar and improve our accuracy.

We try to support and encourage each other. This is the most important thing and always remember it

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17 thoughts on “Writing is a Lonely Work”

  1. Writing is a lonely after reading this I feel so happy. because from here I know that if I stay here 3 month my English speaking improve.

  2. I think writing is lonely after reading.most easy eork is speaking.but we don’t speak fluently at first.we have to learn it.and for well speaking we have to aattentive in writing.if we success in writing more than 1000 word, then we will be speaking well.it’s meaning speaking is impossible foe writing.

  3. oh.. I can’t join audio adda, because of network problem..I was trying but I can’t join.I seems that, I missed audio adda..

  4. Abu Hamza Khalid

    These type of post encourage us. You just changed the rule. Before joining in this group we thought that learning English means , learning grammar or memorizing vocabulary. But now I understand after becoming fluent we should learn grammar, only for the purpose of being accurate.
    Only learning grammar is never enough to acquire the 4 skills of English. And you are the best teacher of English , I ever seen before.

  5. Farida Easmin

    Writing is a lonely work but if read post before writing definitely it will not be lonely.
    so we should encourage each others to read post then writing comment.

  6. Please can you ensure me how can I join in audio adda through the Skype? Because I want to improve my speaking level in English. Not only want to improve in speaking but also want to speak confidently in English 🙂

  7. Rashed Talukder

    sure sir. I realize that alltime, when I stay alone I can think deeply, that time I can more imagination. I can write my best because this time I do not hear disturbing or another sounds. the brain can do work sharply. sir said about loneliness a article at zero categories. there have also noticed it alone is done more speed what you understand when you will do compare loneliness and noise. indeed, silent mood is most effective to moving forward own silled. I am also can not do write and read attentionly at noise time. so everyone try to that when you spend here your time make it silent.

  8. Right. It’s true that writing is a lonely work. But when you can complete your writing properly you can feel much pleasure. Then you can’t feel writing is lonely, you can feel writing is enjoyable. I want to join audio adda, but i can’t do it lack of a smart phone. If i buy a smartphone i must be join audio adda.

  9. Yes I agree with your words that if somebody give 3 month times then he will be able to talk English fluently and confidently.
    Thanks a lot sir

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