Writing is a lonely work even when you are Famous

It is now 8 AM in my city. Tonight, I worked almost whole night. For the last 10 hours, I am working with my PC and Internet. Of course, I ate my dinner and did some chatting with my wife who is now in another country for few weeks and also lay in bed some. Still, I worked a lot tonight and updated a number of blogs. I am happy with my work. I think that I nearly posted 8 entries in different blogs. So, it was a good work done. Well, as I said in the title, writing is indeed a very lonely job. I am writing alone. Even if I become successful as a blogger and freelance writer, still when I will write I will have to do it all alone.

This part of writing will perhaps never change because in the end, you have to think and then produce something. For this, you need some quiet place and isolation from everything. I have to read a lot first and then I can produce something. Even this reading part is done mainly in isolation.

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14 thoughts on “Writing is a lonely work even when you are Famous”

  1. Yeah sir…it is very aloneness work..but there has a great friend which is writing ..writing means talking with heart.so i call writing means enjoying as heart is the best friend for everybody

  2. It seems to me those words are mine. I feel badly a silent place. If it would be I could have concentrate fully. However, sometimes we have to cherish for something, we have to wait, we have to keep hope. I can remember here about Alex Haley.

  3. Md rajon molla

    silence give you more. majority time it take more. when we are stay silence same midnight . then your head come many different thing . your childhood, your family, your friends, your present, past , future, every thing.

  4. yes, we need isolation to produce new writings or new thoughts. We need strong imagination or thinking power to keep on our good writing. we need very quiet and calm place to study a lot to adorn our writing.

  5. Man can’t live alone.So,it’s very difficult to pass a long time with alone. But when we spend a long time pay heed our own activities then obviously clam and quiet environment is very fruitful for us.

  6. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Though writing is a lonely work its help us to enlarge our thinking ability and give something demandful when we finished this..

  7. Absolutely. Although writers of our country get less priority or payment but it is a time consuming, creative, lonely and bit boring task too.

  8. Rashed Talukder

    to write more and differential to need imaginations. imaginations is beome when environment is shoothing. we get this type of environment at midnight. soam seems to that for to be famous need alonely write entry.

  9. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    To write something new alone is best.Now Iam writing alone from my heart and from my addictionn of write.

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