World Cup Cricket 2011 will Start from Bangladesh

It gives me a lot pleasure to inform you that ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 will start from Bangladesh- my country. This will be the biggest event for this country. We have never hosted any sporting event bigger than perhaps SAF Games. So, it is nice to see that the opening ceremony will take place here and also the opening match. The first match will be between India and Bangladesh. In World Cup 2007, Bangladesh caused a major upset by defeating India. So, we are hoping that the same thing may happen in 2011.

I can imagine that Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur will be packed with the spectators and there will be huge support forBangladesh national team. Bangladesh will play all the group matches in front of their home crowd. The matches will take place in February and March and at this time of the year, weather is excellent. There is almost no possibility of rain despite the fact thatBangladesh has one of the highest rainfalls in the world. When it comes to security concerns, I think that of all the 3 countries hosting the event, Bangladesh has most peace and least amount of violence. So, you can think of coming here that time.

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  1. Thnx razib sir. It was a great article for beginner.

  2. Wow sir great ..i have never gone any studium for watching game. It’s my bad luck …i read it within 40 second

  3. yes great news

  4. hail to Bangladesh cricket team . at present they are very well. it’s very good news for our. because we are bangla supporter.
    go ahead Bangladesh cricket team .
    go ahead Sir . good luck

  5. Once upon a time Bangladesh was one of the worst team in the cricket world. Supporters had to frustrate after each match. Time has been changed. Our tigers started showing their powers and Bangladesh cricket team is counted in first six team. Felicitation goes to our tigers.

  6. Now,Bangladesh cricket team become increasing day after day.This is already proven that the last match.Now,we are able to fighting any difficult team like as England, Australia, India. The upcoming match will be held soon.And I’m optimistic girl,so,i pray to Allah we will be win.Thanks a lot sir…

  7. It was the time of my ssc exam.

  8. but there were political problem then 🙁

  9. Day by day Bangdeshi cricket team develop.

  10. Now Bangladesh cricket team is more better than 2011.

  11. this event was best for our country. before it bangladesh had no performed big event. for us this event is top. that time bangladesh didn’t a good performanced as like present. but upcoming icc tournaments bangladesh will give us surprise. hope it for tigers team. I think BCB have playing politics some senior officer. now time BCB senior officer has creating problem without any excause. they are select and expect players without any reason. they are also do not noticed for what they are done.

  12. It’s a another type of topic but mixed with our own feeling.So it’s nice post.

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