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Yesterday night I did another good workshop. From this workshop, I learned how to write a business proposal & how to earn money by podcasting. Now I am going to write about the first one. To write a business proposal we must be careful. A business proposal represents your company, your team, your expertise as well as reputation in front of others. While we will make our business proposal we have to put our best effort on it.
To make a nice proposal we have to follow some structures:
1) Proposal cover: A Proposal cover must be well designed so that it creates a good impression. It doesn’t have to be flashy or very simple. A proposal cover should attach some information like-
• Name of the project
• Project reference numbers
• Name of the client and contact to whom you are submitting
• Name of your company & contact number
• Date proposal when it submitted

2) Executive Summary: Executive summary is a very crucial part of a proposal. It represents the whole project summary within few lines. After reading your executive summary client can clearly understand the whole matter. So it should be more persuasive & focused on the benefit of your company.

3) Approach & solution: you have to describe how your company can help to solve the problems of the client’s business & how the process involved. So be specific about that matter.

4) Project deliverable: it is important that you have detailed description for each deliverable. It will help to clarify everything & reduce misunderstanding between you & your client’s.

5) Project Milestone: Break the project into phases. How long your work will be going, who is the responsible for what; how you manage your project etc these things must be illustrated.

6) Budget: Budget is the important thing to do the work smoothly. You have to make an appropriate budget which will help to build trust with the client. Keep it in mind; you have to also focus on your own profitability.

7) About your company: Explain who you are, why your company is good then other, what you do, your unique selling proposition etc. it is a way to create a long-term relationship with clients. Don’t forget to show off your greatest resources –your team who will be working on that project. You have to highlight experiences & strengths of the team members who increase your company value. Another thing you have to show that is your reliability so that client can comfortably work with your company.

8) Case study: Although your company has extensive experience in work but you have not any case study that means your all experiences are meaningless. When you will show a case study, it will prove that you can do your work. A case study is a difficult task. if your company have case studies, they will provide you more advantage then your competitors.


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