Win or Lose!

In Four months of Skype adda, we have seen that at least 50 persons could become skilled in speaking English. They have spoken at least one hour and they have done it live in front of at least 20 other persons in skype.

Anyone who has tried and given at least 15 days of time have been able to do it and from this point of view, the success rate is 100%. This is perhaps enough to do some marketing and use these examples to earn money. However, from first, I was committed that I was into this not for taking money from learners but I wanted to create a solid platform for people to learn and develop themselves.

Now, the second part. I want many of you to become successful in writing. In your educational life and career, you need to become skilled in writing first. You do not need to dream to become a content writer but you must become skilled in writing- both in Bangla and in English.

I know that if anyone tries every day for just 4 hours then they can improve their writing within 3 months. However, hardly anyone wants to try seriously for 3 months.

I will keep on trying because I want to win and I want to do something.

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16 thoughts on “Win or Lose!”

  1. yeah sir.. I decide that, my leisure time spend I already forget gossip with frnds,play ludu..even when I makes tea, then I used fb and also stay in search English group..

  2. A provad goes on that, The more you read the more you learn. Similarly, Reading skill is helpful for writing. Because, when you read an article you can learn many things from your reading. Reading is much effective for learning any things. After reading an article, One kind of thought is raising on our mind. That can help us for writing and Searchenglish is a solid platform for Learning English.

  3. Rashed Talukder

    still now sir you have not been do any marketing for increasing members in this group. Bangladesh has many many weakers in English searching like a platform for learning english. without marketing and advertisement almost 300000 members add among one year. if did marketing you do not thing how many members adding here.
    so turn another main point of article, this article is win or lose. we came here to learn no for lose. here have no words to show lose. so you always win.

  4. Reading & writing skills is needed for our educational life as well as our career. I believe it that those are giving at least 4 hours everyday they must be succeed in their life. Thanks a lot sir

  5. Its a main problem for me i have no self confidence . i am getting improment day by day but its heavy slowly but i am not annoyed. i want to become successful .

  6. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    For few days,in these holidays of Eid I’m reading the posts of reading section and I want to continue it..But after 2 days,my class will start again and I have to be busy in my academic study for taking preparation for next year’s HSC exam…I’m very tensed about how I will give proper time here???

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