Why Writing is So Difficult?

I love to write and I try to write a lot. In fact, I have written over 3000 entries for my blogs in the last two years. Thus, on an average, I have written nearly 5 entries everyday. I know that there are many bloggers who write 10/15/20 or even more entries each day and some of them are really successful. Well, I feel that I should read a lot first and thus I have been reading a lot for the last two years. I have been writing continuously since 1997 and it is almost 11 years now. I have written for newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, Internet. I have also done a lot of ghost writing. Still, I feel that writing it not that easy.

Of course, typing is very easy but writing is difficult. One reason may be that I mainly write in English language (second language). My mother tongue is Bangla but my working language is English and for the last 2 years, I had hardly written anything in Bengali. This is perhaps a big tragedy for many writers living in the third world countries. One of the problems that I often face while writing in English is that I find it extremely difficult to find a particular word or phrase at the right time. This struggle often takes the away the energy and interest and I have to try a lot to find my rhythm. Of course, if I do not care for quality then it is not a big problem but I try to maintain a minimum standard. At least, I like to believe that I do so.

I recently attended a fair in my city. There, I saw many companies showcasing their products. One thing I liked about the companies and it was that they were focused with their work. I guess that writers often distracted in life. Of course, writing is different from other works. You want to write something but you are not satisfied. You have thought a lot of and believed that you can write a masterpiece but then when you sit to writing then you lose your track. I guess that this matter happens to almost every writer. When I was younger, these things caused a lot of unease for me. Now, I have learnt to deal with this.

For pursuing the career of writing, I had struggled a lot in my life. In my darkest period, I got a lot of inspiration from the writing of Alex Haley. I am quoting from him:

Many a young person tells me he wants to be a writer. I always encourage such people, but I also explain that there’s a big difference between being a writer and writing. In most cases these individuals are dreaming of wealth and fame, not the long hours alone at the typewriter. You’ve got to want to write, I say to them, not want to be a writer.

The reality is that writing is a lonely, private and poor- paying affair. For every writer kissed by fortune, there are thousands more whose longing is never requited. Even those who succeed often know long periods of neglect and poverty. I did.

If you want to read the full essay, visit this link:

The Shadowland of Dreams

I am lucky that I was never a luxurious person in my life. I guess that this is the most difficult part of writing. It is not easy to sacrifice all the comfort of life and embrace tension.

In the end, writing is difficult because life is difficult.

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85 thoughts on “Why Writing is So Difficult?”

    1. Really sir u are absolutely right.writing is difficult and it is more difficult when we want to write something.but regular practice can easy to write I thing.this post really amazing.

  1. Yeh vaia, writing is very difficult task. It’s not so easy to a one topics and publish it and get so popular by it. we have to write on thousand of topics then the success is also a uncertain thing. I also readed the story about a writer that you mention in the content . you post this story in Bangla and I was translating it in English. But I wasn’t successful but80% I was completed.

  2. I just enchanted to read your writing. Really, its amazing. Your simplicity of writing with real facts push me to read more. Thanks.

  3. Thanks a lot sir..i don’t know u personally..but it is fresh talk..u r free and easy man..u were born middle family ..so u understand man’s suffering easily ..thanks My sweet Allah giving me a great man..

  4. Searching for a perfect word or phrase for a bit long time really takes our energy and interest away and perhaps we all face this problem whether we want to write anything. You just pointed a real fact out there and i certainly agree with your view sir.

  5. Yes, I must be appreciation with you there you said writing is so different.
    I think so, because peoples expectation is changing so if I want to become a good writer I must be need to known at first to them expectation.

  6. Ratan Kumar Roy

    writing is difficult, though you write but the people will accept or not you don’t know. you write a article or book from your deeply mind but the people did not accept what will be happened you will be fall and feel frustration.


    Thank you vaia, I am so happy to read this article about writing.

    You share your opinion about writing by different way. You are also mentioning a writer quote about writing.

    Thank you vaia such as a wonderful things. Today is pohela boishak first of of a lot of wishes for you. You helps us everyday, Since 1997 you’re struggling about your carrier, from those days you helped people a lot as well. Still you are trying to helped people for improved there skill.

    I knew vaia writing section is the too much tougher from any others section. I am trying to improved my skill day by day. Sometimes I did feel like demotivated then i woke up again and again. I want to get back of my life, I want to be best version of myself please pray for me vaia and continue share your optimistic ideas about peoples needed different type of skill.

    I pray for you to Almighty for live long.

  8. This is the reality. May be I had translated the post what you have written before ” The Shadowland of Dreams” of Alex Haley. How we confess or not it is reality for a writer. Writing comes from thought. Some times it is so tough to brings something form mind. But which quot I like so much about writing is from ” Shantanu Khaisar ” সাহিত্য কোন ঢংয়ের বিষয় নয়। সাহিত্য সিরিয়াস বিষয়। দশ লাইনও যদি লেখ তাহলে তা সিরিয়াসভাবেই লিখতে হবে। যা বিশ্বাস করো তার প্রতি তুমি বিশ্বস্ত থাকবে। বাকি কিছু তোমার মনে রাখার প্রয়োজন নেই ”


    1. Yes i agree with you sir your opinion writing is so difficult.i have been reading three times this topic in many world leaning side. In fact many sucessfullely person your carrier work hard than make a sucess.i specially thanks mr razib sir this wonderful creating this group in search english group is the week learner students . Sometimes i want write articles but many reason in my brain i find any sentence but while i am very uncase this situation.

  9. Zahirul Islam Polash.

    Absolutely right thinking. Writing is not so easy. Writing is so difficult things and it’s a challenging subject that to making or to creating a group of readers is also difficult. Some writers are able to manage their best writings and the also successful to create new readers of their writings. But many of the writers of our society is not successful.

    Writing is difficult. Because it’s a matter of patience. If you want to be a good writer then you must be patient. Must be struggle to give your best efforts in writhing.

    Now a days we are writing our opinion or experiences by using computers, tablets or smartphone etc. By pressing key board we are trying to express our thinking of our mind. Although many of us are unable to write by using key board of computer. Many of us are able to write by pressing key board but most of the people are so slow in typing. So that they feel bore to type such a long post or articles.

    You are a big writer to us. If you keep continue your writings you will be a great famous writer in our country. Already you have done that. In the meanwhile you have wrote more than 3000 articles. It’s really amazing, appreciable. I feel proud of you. You are encouraging us to writing whatever we can. So that we are trying to do best. First of all we are trying to read English language easily without any hesitation. We believe that one day we will able to write something like you in English language freely and easily.
    Please keep me in your prayer.
    Thanks for encouraging us.

  10. Writing is really a difficult task indeed. When we want to write something, that time we can understand how much difficult it is. Actually it’s a matter of years of patience, years of tolerance. If the passion and destination match with the writing, it’s becomes easier, otherwise it’s totally tough and lonely task. It’s has been seen the famous writers got fame after years of dedication, sacrifices and continuous efforts. It’s not enough to be fluent in writing only, it’s also important to produce quality writing that will attract the readers to read the whole writing. Again, it’s very much difficult to gain the quality of being a good writer. Staying motivated with writing, making continuous efforts with writing and never giving us, producing quality of writing- all these are necessary for a writer.

    In the book fair arranged on the occasion of 21st February, so many new writers publish their own books. But how many of them get response from the audiences, some writers are even seen to request the common people to buy at least one copy of book so that he/she doesn’t need to face financial problem. Although, in the age of internet, there are many ways of utilizing writing capability, one can use this capability in multiple ways, without depending in one source only. Some of them are as like- 1) starting blogging if one has enough skill in English, 2) starting freelancing career as content writer being hired by others, 3) writing reviews for others, 4) any types of writing works, like- article writings, post writings, product description writing etc, 5) Search Engine Optimization, as it needs huge qualitative writings and the writer can shine in this sector easily, 6) affiliate marketing (this task also needs huge qualitative writings to drive the targeted audience to website so that they can decide to purchase product), 7) writing for the online based newspapers as reporter, 8) developing niche related sites (it’s also part of affiliate marketing) and so many others ways.

    A complete article can be written in this topic. Hope it will be done in some other day.

    Thanks a lot sir.

  11. Writing is really a big challenge. It is really difficult to write something hours after hours. And getting fame in this field is more difficult. It takes long time.

  12. Fateha Akter Eti Moni

    yes sir, writing is really hard specially for me. but I I try to extremely hard work then oneday I will can write as like you. thanks for your advise.

  13. yes sir you said the right point.i face the problem most of the time.when i started to write something, in that time forget what i want to write.i think i need more practise to reading.From your discussion i came to know the main point.i know my writing skill is not so good.but i am trying my level best.

  14. To be skillful writers so difficult. other hand in modern time to be a smart writer need together enormous knowledge and type spreed.

  15. Mac Chowdhury

    I believe that, There is no difficult till we stop think it difficult and try to gain success in it. But something life is more difficult then we think. Thats not mean we stop thinking of our life. Life is a place of thousands difficulty and we have to live it in our own way. Gainer are those who write there way they own. Best of luck for everyone.

  16. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Writting is difficult because it’s a lonely process but when the writing is being successful its enlarge ourselves for writing more

  17. Right sir in many cases me too just struggle to reach my subject. For me writing is complecated because we have to express by words without any facial expression. .so naturally it became more difficult for us to explain by words.

  18. really, writing is difficult because life is difficult. it’s a appropriate word. i thankful to you. you are a great encouraging writer. i think, everything is possible if we had patient and sacrifice in our life.yes we know that” “it’s easy to say but difficult to do it.” At this task we need so much hard & sacrificed. whatever i always love to thanking new something. i have already written some Banglali poem about nature’s reality. but can’t fluently write english. so i try to best to improve my English writing. keep me in your prayer. i am proud of you.cause, Eventualy ihave found a great person such you. reading your articles i understand that you was helped person, even still now you do continue for us. really, you are unique than others person.

  19. really written is to difficult even when I want to write in bangla that time I don’t find any topic. actually new written is an art but everybody can’t be good writer

  20. Salman hossain

    Yes sir you are right. Writing is so difficult. This a very good post for new writer. It is very helpful post.Thanks for shere this post.

  21. writing is really very difficult. and i find out a topic for writing is more difficult.. if u want to be a writer u have to read a lot.without reading its impossible.

  22. Tasfia Tabassum

    Exactly right sir.
    Writing is very difficult tusk. It is not easy for everyone.
    When a person want to write something, he needs to remember what types of writing is related for that situation. Then he needs to choice standard vocabulary by which his writing topics will be exceptional. He have to think about reader. Will reader accept joyfully which is written by him?
    By the way, every person can not capable to write standardly. It is the main point for a writer.
    Thanks sir for ur nice explanation. I m also agree with u.

  23. Palash Sarker

    Thank you Sir for sharing the experience. For the first time I heard the name called Alex Haley. Writing (Novel, Drama, Short stories – writing) is never easy as it would not give the money, name and fame immediately rather it would take ages. It needs 100% concentration and great passion for hanging with it. Writer needs to find the silence in the crowd when he/she writes. Once I heard that Rabindranath Tagore said that He was a writer because of reading big amount of books from His family/personal library. A writer can write well if he/she has gone through reading for ages. Words/ phrases will come in my mind like a tsunami when writer reads a lot. Writing for blogging and writing for novels are two different sectors. Blogging is quick and based on mostly facts just like writing for journals, newspapers, magazines so a blogger could see the money earlier than a novel writer (I may be wrong). Novel writer needs great imaginative skill and huge knowledge on the language where a blogger could survive and get the huge opportunity to improve his/her small writing skill.

  24. I agree with you sir that writing is a difficult work. and it is lonely work.
    I understand that you say because sometime i decide to write something and seat my table then i lose language to write.

  25. Yes sir I agree with you. Writing is not a easy task to do. I think it is a work that everybody is not capable of doing it in the right way or proper way. Well as a student of literature I find it quite difficult. That’s why I am still very weak in this field.

  26. I think many things and write many poems in my brain but when I want to write or type it,I totally forget what ought to be written. this is the great obstacle in my writing…

  27. Many times seemed to me that I have a good idea or got a new plots to write something but when I seat to write all idea or plot became finished.
    you stay to write anything about 11 years but you say it is difficult then whatever can I go.
    in this post it was best that Typing is very easy…… but…..writing is difficult.
    and the other one was ” writing is difficult becouse life is difficult “

  28. Thanks vaiya, for sharing your experience. Really, writing is very difficult. When I try to write something, most of the time I destroy that as when I read that after. I think I can write better than before now. And I try to write to the new way.

  29. Sonia Islam khan

    Yes of course writing isn’t easy work. When I write something in English i face a big problem. I don’t conduct my sentence. Really life is so difficult.

  30. sharmin siddiqui

    Writing is very difficult to me. When I write something I feel nervous because how to people accept it? Many questions is nocking my head that time… Sometimes I don’t find particular word,sometimes I don’t know some vocabulary.
    Your right “writing is difficult because life is difficult.”

  31. writing in other language is very difficult..because when we try to write something in other language this time related word dose not come in mind…i have to think more to write this line..so really writing is difficult because life is difficult…

  32. Konok Baran Chakma

    Yes sir, i totally believe this that out of four (speaking, reading, listening & writing) writing is very difficult. but if we will always stay & emphasis our reading then in a very single time we will recover this problem. because without skillful reading skill then we never able to skill writing.

  33. Rashed Talukder

    Right sir. anyone can writing, but everyone can notot be a writer. most of can write some topics, but only writers can done fluently, standerd, inspiratons, atractionable speech to creating. writers life is differents from ordinary peoples. they are survive their life a chair. writers thinking power difference, deepness is most difference from ordinary. after a lot pursuit a men can be a writer.

  34. Shamim Hossan

    I also love to write. Some days ago i love to write Bengali (our mother tongue) After that, When i realize that, as a English literature student, I should write in English. Then i start my effort in Search English. Writing is not a easy task for a common people like me. One of the problem that i often face while writing in English is that i couldn’t find the particular word or phrase at the right time. But, I always try to my best. I know writing is very difficult. It is considered as like a torture. It’s totally a lonely work and main matter is that we have to concentrate on our writing and thought at the same time. Though, it’s very difficult for me. But, I try to write something daily. Inshallh, I will be a good writer in English.

  35. I love to write.I always write in bangla but can’t write English.before joinig this group i can’t write English and always fear.but now a days i also love write in English.My dream is increase day by day.I know one day i write in english well.

  36. yes, Without struggle impossible to be a writer . I want to be writer .not only writer. writing is my hobby in life. i want to write for my nation, humanity ,and my country.

  37. Obviously writing is difficult task,I think writing is hard business in this word because all of people can not become to be a writer,writer is one kind if passionate work and cintinuous process, if I stop my writing then I could not write well so I always keep on my writing then it will be easy for me.Otherwise I can not fullfill my dream.On the other hand writing is lonely work that you said in before and j believe that when I endeavour to write something in this if anyone distrac me then I will lost my truck.

  38. At first thanks for ur advise … Razib sir
    From today I have to try read more more English speeches​ and want to try write something in English .

  39. It’s true that writing is the difficult task because man focus their mind speech by writing way.this is the best way to keep it.writing is one kind of art.so it’s verified in different writer.I seem that who’s deeply thinking any topic and practice regularly then she or he must be writing well.but it’s not well in a day,it’s increasing day by day.so who’s,want to be a good writer, he practice his writing more and more.then may be he will success in his life.I am writing in Bangla that time I write any thing with pleasure. but can’t write in English. so I need practice in English. I wish,one day I write in English well.

  40. Loneliness naiym

    Yes sir, Now I can realize that Writing is difficult.
    You have got a post. That post was, What is difficult work,writing or speaking? Many people have commented that speaking is difficult work than wtitting.I also comment there that “Speaking.”But then I didn’t understand that writing is difficult than speaking but now I can understand that if anyone can write fluently then easily they can speak in English fluently.
    Ok,Come to the point.Many peoples are writing for earning money.So they can’t write reagularly because by writing articles earning is so difficult, there may not possibility to get momey in time. So,they fall behind then they can’t write. But,those who are writing and they also know that they couldn’t get money in time.Thereafter they are writing. Because writing is their addiction.
    So one point is that, if writing is his/her hobby then he/she can write even in worst situation.

  41. mustafizur rahman

    It is relay true that writing is sop difficult part in any language .when i was a student i was try to wrote many article but i can’t do this . some time i wrote a article but when i was send this article any publisher they didn’t publish my article. That time i was afraid and stop writing article. but after read this article my thinking that if didn’t your article don’t be afraid please continue write any topics once upon a time publishing your article.

  42. Shamim Hossan

    Admittedly, Writing is a boring task for human being. Because, it is a lonely work. You depicted a vivid image of your suffering about writing. I appreciate your effort and sacrifice. I know, how much miserable or pathetic situation we have to face in writing career. It’d be mucu more difficult if it was a foreign language. Naturally, We can tell or we write about anythings through our mother tongue. But, On the morden err, We bound to write any proposal, or thesis in English. It’s the rules of modern erra and we have to maintain it.

  43. You have nicely depicted the obstacles on the way of writings.Really,writing is so much difficult.But we have to write.
    However,thanks for sharing your opinion with us.

  44. indira pramanik

    sometimes the simple word was very difficult to spoken that.but your post have done this.in this post the simple says told to the simple word.i like it.

  45. You are absolutely right sir. Writing is so difficult. Actually every good deeds is difficult. Because life is difficult. We have to go ahead to struggle with our works

  46. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    First of all salute to you sir for making many difficult things in your life.But i think here you showing us the real way to write,to overcome many obstacle and to write with a content.Writing is actully a difficult task.and it will be possible only if it come from heart with a hard endeavor.In another sens to write is making lot of sentences with a topic and with a logical way whice also difficult for all of us.So writer are not lot although lots are writing .For being a writer first need a guider like you sir.

  47. I think so (sir).writing is difficult but life is so difficult.
    I can’t to write rightly a sentence. cause I’m very weak in English. but ; I deeply believe that I can to write anything & any topic. I can to read any topics in English. I 100% believe all mighty Allah do everything. that’s why I always remember all mig hty Allah.so; I want to writer ;gd speaker & gd listener in English. I’m grateful to Razib sir.

  48. belayet hossain masum

    writing vary hard. reading and speaking is vary easy. but writing is vary hard.. because English spelling is vary hard .. and when you write something that time you must be focus your rhythmic section..

  49. yes sir writing is very heard, but we are easily reading and speaking when the write then saw our many mistake, so practice it’s very important.

  50. Zobayer Al Mahmud

    I see that many people are saying that they don’t feel comfortable in writing English..But it’s a matter of regret that I even can’t write fluently in my mother tongue Bengali..In exam hall during answering CQ question, students write many pages…But I can’t write so much..I give hard work in my study but I don’t know why I can’t write!!

  51. This post feels good to point:

    “Writing is difficult because life is difficult”.
    “Typing is easy but writing is not easy”.

    Everything center in English. So regular should be practice in English.

  52. “Life is so much difficult but human being is so much powerful to overcome these difficulties”

    There is no easy things in your life. you have to do somethinf to get anythng. You who are such a person that you can motivate anyone by your charisma. It is your big achievement as writer. It can help us for doing something better as bloggers.

    Patience is the main part of writting. You can write continously when you will get satisfaction and fond of writting. So, motivation and passion can help you to build you as expert writer.

    In Conclusion, You have to know how to use standard word in your writing. Therefore, you should give importance in your vocabulary part.

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