Why one year of Your Time?

Many people regularly contact me about getting my guideline. The improvement of Partho Protim Majumdar vai has attracted even more people. They know that I do not charge any money. So, they are happy but when they talk to me for just 5 minutes, they simply run away- almost all of them. Why does it happen?

I simply state that if they want any guidance from me then they have to spend one year of time. At first, they have to work 8-10 hours a day like Partho vai has done. Then, they ask for any short cut tip or smart tips. I reply that I am not a smart person and I have no idea about any smart tips. The only thing I know is how to work very hard and learn something.

Search English has already become a successful Facebook group within 1 month. In one year, it will perhaps have around 50,000 members or even more. May be, we will have 1 lakh members after one year. So, after one year, I will become the admin of one of the largest and successful groups in Facebook and there will be many benefits for me. However, if you want to have any real benefit then be serious and give a lot of time and effort.

The basic goal is to ensure that all the regular participants will become free from fear and shame of English language so that they can improve their English language skills and use it in their education and career. Overcoming your fear and shame should not take more than 2 months of time. After that, try to use English as much as possible. Write a lot every day so that you do not feel any hesitation when you have to write 500 words for a question in your exams. You are not afraid anymore when you have to talk to your American client in skype for a freelancing project.

Search English was set up to help people like you to become skilled in English. Now, it is a good platform. All of you are convinced about its usefulness and the best part is that it is free of cost. So, please, try to use it. I know that many people will join this platform in the coming days and months. But I want that all of you become serious and get the benefit.

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9 thoughts on “Why one year of Your Time?”

  1. Learning a langauge is time consuming matter. It is not a matter of over night. But who care they have no time to learn English giving enough time. Though there is no short cut.

  2. Shafin Mahmud

    consistency is a key of our success. The more time we spend in this platform the more we can improve and confident. Thanks for your amazing instructions all the time.

  3. It is know that according to dear sir in above post which head line is ‘why one year of your time”, is a very much important suggestion for us. Here dear sir potrayed being a good contant writer and perfectonist in English before that we should have to spend our a huge of time by practising. Specially practice for 8 hours everyday and lengting it for 1 year minimum so we will have to get a good result from here. I will agree with my dear sir ‘there have no short way’.
    Of course dear sir I can do it. As I couldn’t give 8 hours but I am practising and I will stay always with this group.

  4. Alira Tanjira Alme

    We get a great achievement for us and this is search English group and you..
    It makes ourselves adroit in english spontaneously. ..

  5. I think the current status of Search English is already crossed your past expectation and conjecture. Right now, SE is holding three lac members approximately and people are well known with the benefits of this group.

  6. Loneliness naiym

    yes sir,
    its best part is Its free of cost. so it will help many peoples not only our country but also in the world. we already looked it. Many people were joining here and practice here from out of Bangladesh.
    We are lucky to find you and search English.
    Really,I was lived fool’s paradise before joining here but now I’m in the real life.Without joining here I couldn’t do any good job because I was very weak in English but now I have confidence that I could do good job Because I’m improving a lot in English.
    Thanks sir.

  7. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    you are right sir,for the basic goal of every member getting without any cost.Using this platform many will be skilled i english.

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