Why do I encourage you so much?

Just 18 months ago, some people laughed at me in Facebook and in real life because I try to encourage others. It is a part of my natural instinct. I have seen magical improvements to a number of people who have spent one year of time with me. The formula is very simple. I ask them to practice speaking for 1 month and then I ask them to start writing just 25 word long comments in blogs and Facebook posts. By the end of the second month, they can write around 1000 words a day. I also ask them to watch movies to develop their listening skill.
From the 3rd month onward, I ask them read a lot and read anything they like online. Thus, by the end of the third month, they start to feel confident and start to dream about the future. Then I ask them to just continue doing the thing that they are doing. Thus, they develop fluency and also a genuine habit and interest about using and practicing English language.
Thus, by the end of the sixth month, they improve significantly and then they start practicing grammar. This is my formula and I am testing it here. I have already noticed significant improvement for a number of persons within just 3 months. If they can continue with me for another 9 months, I am confident that most of them will write in newspapers and magazines in both Bangla and English. Some of them will become content writers and some of them will improve a lot in their university education no matter which subject they are studying.
It is up to you whether you like to be with me or not. However, if anyone stays with me for one long year will surely become attached to me for whole life. I am not charging any money for my teaching and guidance. I am not concerned how many of you will stay with me until December 31, 2016. I am just concerned that whoever stays with me can shine in their education and career. After all, we are a band of brothers.

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16 thoughts on “Why do I encourage you so much?”

  1. Ek Chiat's a sapna mera

    Thank u sir ???????? and god bless you sir ???? Your encourage will become successful by us inshallah and we will try one long year with you.your reading story are interesting and inspiring us to go forward and think about our future dreams ????????
    We will try to work hard more than previous then we will success soon
    Plz everyone pray for me so that I m also become successful thank u for the inspiring story

  2. Yeh vaia, I am always with you. I am already passed 4 quality month in SE group and I want to attach with this group for many of years

  3. really.. its help me so much..because of, I have one subject in English version.its was very difficult to me and also I didn’t read this book..after I joined this group.I always read this group with enjoyed a lot.

  4. really.. its help me so much..because of, I have one subject in English version.its was very difficult to me and also I didn’t read this book..after I joined this group.I always read this book with enjoyed a lot. I try to stay with group..

  5. Great post! we know success is a continues journey, at the time of this journey if you fell depressed you need to get motivated.So I see you are one of them who inspired people a lot.

  6. All of formula is very relevant and also essential for us.This is the supporting stairs reaching at the pinnacle stage of success…

  7. Your formula is effective definitely. That’s why people are improving significantly.
    Word meaning:

    Instinct প্রবৃত্তি

  8. Rashed Talukder

    sure sir. already I getting more valuable benefits from search english group. I write about my experince, when I joined here I could not write more sentences on a post. I tried to write more sentences and after 1 month I could write more then before. then I forward more steps. reading section, workshop also listen audio adda. so now I can write more and more then before. everything is posaible for Razib Ahmed sir’s inpirations. and I think that I promise with me that I stay here for 1 year. I want to devolop my skilled more and more. and its possible by active and regularity

  9. Yap sir! You are right. Now we see this result. We see many many success stories in everyday. Thank yo sir.

  10. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    I already inspired by you but after reading this encouragious post my level going up.I am sure that your thinking is appropriate to learn english than the others.Now I want to say you that I will follow your rules upto my succes story.

  11. in our country have many english teachers.their method of teaching is defferent one from another .After a connected with you i see your teaching strategies and i like it.watching movies,reading article on favourate topics its very enjoying for all student like me.

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