What if we could really Dream?

I am known to many people because of my relentless effort for e-CAB in Facebook for the last two years. I am also famous for my skill to pick up the potential in someone and promote them through my posts in Facebook. Almost every month, I can pick up a hidden talent and introduce him or her through my Facebook posts. The latest example is Partho Protim Majumder.

Just 4 months ago, English writing was a major weakness of Partho vai and now, you can see what he is doing. In this group, we have three outstanding writers who have huge potential to become someone in our society. Farhana Asha apu, Raima Sharmin Apu and Tamanna Ani apu are not hidden talents. They have already showed their skills.

I dream that from it is 1 July 2017- just 11 months later. I dream that Farhana Asha apu has become a busy content writer. She is writing in websites, magazines, newspapers, blogs etc etc. Today, she has written an article in the Daily Star, tomorrow she has interviewed a famous actor (sorry Nayikas are for Partho bhai only) for a magazine, day after tomorrow, she has written for a foreign website. I know that it is possible and I am confident about her skills and potential. How do I know? Because I have walked that road. I have trained others even.

Tamanna apu can think in depth and it is her strength. I do not know much about her background as I have never talked to her in Facebook or Skype. I dream that after 11 months, she will become a famous name in Facebook. Every day, at least 10,000 people will read her posts. She will go to colleges and universities every now and then and give speech. She will become a very good motivational speaker too.

I have talked a lot with Raima apu and I know about her most among these three persons. She has a kind of inner strength in herself that is often reflected in her posts. I dream that after 11 months, Raima Apu will become a powerful writer. Well, she will not be very popular but she will have some real followers who would adore her writing and almost worship her in the level of Humayan Ahmed. It really can happen as she can write so effortlessly and naturally.

What all of them and all of us lack in our country is the ability to dream and believe in our dream. If we could dream in the right way then we would have achieved a lot within just one year or may be within 2 years. I have fought for my dream and tried day and night, hour after hour. So, I know the value of a dream.

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10 thoughts on “What if we could really Dream?”

  1. Now your words comes in true but all people are never be grateful. That’s the fact. It also fact is that great people never be worry to sacrifice for ordinary people. Their generosity beyond the limitation to contribute for people. Best of luck Razib Ahmed vaia.

  2. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Yeah vaiya your working system clarify that how much painstaking person you are and so much heedful about your dream..we also trying to be hard worker

  3. You are able to extract potentialities from people who have latent talent and make them productive. I wish one day I will do something remarkable so that Razib bhai will mention my name like above writers. In sha Allah

  4. Loneliness naiym

    Yes, Dream will be true if we cherish it in our mind.Because,when will see dream and for fulfilling this dream we will do hard work then easily we can fulfill our dream. Just we have to hard work then sooner it will come true that’s no doubt.
    so,I’m doing hard work to fulfill my dream.
    Thanks sir for this platform.

  5. Actually I am a fan of farhana asa apu writing I didn’t see others apu writing but when I was join here farhana apu writing touch in my heart. I wanted to be like her. and search Engpish give a big opportunity. now I can’t write like her that’s true. but I can write and if I try more then I will be not like her but can be something . My main point is if anyone can use this platform properly then nothing is impossible for them.

  6. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Yes sir,you can picked out the hidden strength, some time you can create also.Thank you sir for your hard working for us.

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