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Yes, I am opening a new category in this reading section. I love to write and I have been writing almost every day since 1997. Wow, 21 years have passed and I have written in many newspapers and magazines, blogs and then for the last 4 years in Facebook. I have written both in Bengali and in English.

Because of writing in Facebook, I have been able to get some regular readers for my posts. Now, here, I am going to start writing about different topics simply because some people love to read my writings. It is the dream of every writer that they can have some regular, loyal and dedicated readers. At last, I have got some.

So, if you love my writing then come back here regularly. If possible every day. If you can then write comments. You do not have to share anything in social media. Instead, let us try to have a serious discussion about many things.

I had a dream to be a writer and I still have this dream. Well, my success has come not as a writer but as a platform maker or entrepreneur. I love to read and write but I love more to organize something, inspire and lead some people to do something outstanding from zero. Now, I love to do anything for the young people.

You see when you are at the age of 20-25, you need to have a dream and seriously believe in it. Most of us lose our track and we become frustrated. I will talk about it a lot in this category. I just want some of you to join the discussion and write long comments.

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