Tips about Internet for Would Be Journalists

I have to say that the distance between journalists and bloggers is decreasing significantly. Sarah Hartley wrote an excellent article that I could find in the website of the Guardian: Ten essential points for journalism jobseekers in a digital age

The title perhaps clearly says what it is about. If you are looking for a journalism job then you should read it. I found the tips to be valuable and I am sure that after reading it, you will agree with me too.

Some people think that Internet is very easy and all you need perhaps is just to link to something else. Well, it is not like that. The printed newspaper industry is suffering problem everywhere in the West. We hear of job cuts in famous newspapers of USA on a regular basis. Web is the future and if you are a journalist then you should not neglect the Web.

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  1. good

  2. Upcoming days will be the day of web. So, as young and newbie in the field of journalism can focus on that point.

  3. good post for journalism . really its important for then.
    but i am not journalist . i am simple man .
    thanks share your good post .

  4. Now the erra of digital. Every moment we involved by the internet and web. Internet make our life easy and comfortable and smart. so we need concious about internet.

  5. Great post for us

  6. I am a student of journalism. Though I am not a journalist but I know how much the
    importance of internet for a journalist.Cause nowadays journalist most of time gather their information from the internet and internet very much important when a journalist write a news story.

  7. Yes In this communication era, Internet or WEB plays very much important role to make our career. For the field of journalism, it is more than important. This article is showing us how much important it is for journalists.

  8. Thank you Sir for the link share regarding the correct Job application process in the field of web based journalism. From the experience of reading online newspapers I have seen that now journalism is not only limited in words rather mixing with photographs, video graphs, relevant link shares what were absolutely missing in the printed newspaper. Journalists in the electronic media must be a good Blogger where he/she must be 100% honest and good in language because in the digital world nothing can be hidden.

  9. I have visited the link attached with the article herewith and few key points necessary for jobseekers.

  10. I totally agree with your speech

  11. i am not looking for a journalism job then I should not read it.
    but i already read it. then what should i do. just kidding.

  12. yeah..nothing is possible without web now a days.

  13. I haven’t not good idea about blogging. So I can’t compare journalists and blogger.

  14. I don’t neglect web.I agree with you

  15. sir you add a link for would be journalists in this article. there have 10 important points to build skills with journalisms. so here if here aany persons aim to be journalists you are can take this points. and web is important now. bloggers have experiences about web. but journalists have no more experiences about web. so their need to experience.

  16. Yes wed news take part in world journal, and it gives instant news of the world with in a minutes

  17. Yes you are right sir.

  18. Day by day demand of online papers are don’t feel exited with usual newspaper because in online newspaper one can get update news and they can see interesting videos which is fully absent in usual newspaper…

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