This post is for Partho Pratim Mazumder

I have known him for almost one year. I used to call him ‘bhejal’ or trouble as he was fond of bhejal things. Anyway, I did not like him at all. However, four months ago when I started Skype adda, he joined there and became a regular person.

His background is full of bhejal. Ovi Partho vai passed HSC 4 years ago and then joined a private university. He failed there and left his study. He has been sitting idle at home and wasting his time since then. His mother is worried about him, his father is annoyed him, his relatives make fun of him. Even in Facebook, he is known as “Akaimma” or good for nothing.

So, I did not have high hope about him. In fact, at first, he did not want to listen to me but asked bhejal questions all the time. However, he tried to listen to me and thus, within 4 months, he has shown remarkable progress.

Ovi vai tries his best and for the last two months, he just gets up from sleep and then eats his breakfast and sits in front of his PC. Then he spends all his hours there and writes many posts a day. It has become his daily routine. He has become fluent in writing. Within this year, he will become fluent in writing, he will become skilled in grammar and I am confident that he will start writing in daily newspapers of Bangladesh. I am also hopeful that within a year, he will start earning US dollar by writing in foreign websites and online market places.

Thus, Ovi Partho bhai has worked hard to change his fortune, his career. Still everyone around him thinks that he is a good for nothing person. Well, no problem- action will speak louder than anything someday.

I like to point out one thing for all of you- do not be afraid. Just try your best. You will become skilled in English language within one year. As for myself, I am happy this eid that my guidance and teaching could change the life and career of one young man .

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16 thoughts on “This post is for Partho Pratim Mazumder”

  1. Loneliness naiym

    Partho vai is an example for ourselves.Though he is an old members and he has given his time here by defeating in his life repeatedly. He has proved us that by defeating in life we can gain success. Though we have read a lot of history of successful person. In their life they were defeated but they never lost their hope.But we are seeing in our eyes like successful person. He proverd his hiding power.In his early life he never think about his aim in life that’s why he couldn’t able to reach his own destination.if he had an aim then surely he tried hard for reaching his won destination. But now he can realize it. But it so late for him.
    But he is now good at in engliah. so I think he can earn money by writing anywhere or doing freelanching job.Because I believe who are falied to study but they are skillfull in English then they can earn money more than an higher educated person who has no skill in writing or speaking english.
    So,I believe it that he can earn money and can be happy in his future life. I’m looking bright future of him.

  2. Rashed Talukder

    partho ovi vai was expected that nothing to done by him. but he fall in eyes of our magician. his father oblige he’ll never can do nothing, his mother every time worried for him. everyone made fun that time when he had failed her academic lifes. everyone thunk that nothing to do by partho. he had became depression from his failed. after four years he has made him. who was less his study for weakened in english the boy now earning money from websitess by writing with english. everything has possible by Razib sir. in last of article Razib sir noticed us remove your hesitation and fear in english. without bravery you can never get skills. another one main noticed in here, try to stay here at least one year. after one year your can see a lot of success. then english to be your strength. I believe it, and I’ll try to stay here indefinitely for increases my skilled.

  3. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Sir,here is your real succes story,here is the example of a world class teacher charecter,here is present of your craziness to make a weak students strong and to make an “Akaimma”as a succes “Kaimma”.It’s only possible for you.Salute you Sir.At the time congratulation to Ovi bhai.

  4. prothem vai is goood example everyone who are suffering on his future plan .From this post i have learn that its prossible to become success ii do warkhard , now i like to point out where i am weak . i have noticed that i can able to work hard but i am not regular. irregular is key obstacle for me . now i want to become regula. After this read of article its prossible to become successful if i do work hard and to become regular .

  5. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    After reading one by one post I’m become becoming more and more motivated…I feel so happy to read the remarkable story of failure men’s overcome…

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