The Success of Stephenie Meyer

If you do not know who is Stephenie Meyer then you should read theWikipedia entry on her. This December she is going to celebrate her 35th birthday. She is not that old yet but Stephenie Meyer is now a successful name in the world of writing. Yes, her rise from obscurity should inspire all the people in the world who have the dream tobecome a writer. She used Internet in an effective way to promote her book.

Yes, Internet has given us a great opportunity. For example, think of this blog. Around 30-40 persons visit it everyday and sometimes, they write comments. Well, I don’t have the free time to give for writing fiction but who knows someday this blog may help me to become a successful fiction writer.

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14 thoughts on “The Success of Stephenie Meyer”

  1. Rashed Talukder

    stephenie meyer is a adult fiction writers and also she is a film producer. vampire romantic film twilight her film. she has 3 children and she born in 24 december 1973 at hertfort. actually I didn’t know about her. I never heard her name. but now I knew about meyer.

  2. Twilight is a famous movie based on the fiction book of sephenie meyer.she is an American .bt she is a lucky person at her early age she get name,fame ,and money.she is also a producer.most of the writer in our world don’t get their fruits of works early.there have some cases in the world literature history writer got their recognition after their death ,jibonanondo franz kafka are the example of this .lots of good writer lost bcz they don’t get their recognition. Bcz in this writing sector, its just like a gambling that you pour your full life bt may not got the recognition and in your entire life .or it may be occur ,you only write a novel that make you a popular one.its the reality and Truth for the who have the passion of writing ,may sacrifice all luxuriousness for the addiction of writing.

  3. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Today I knew first the name of Stephenie Meyer who is now young and succed person as writer.I will try to know more about him from Wikipedia.

  4. The stephenie meyer now one of the famous name in the word. she is not old this december she is going to may be 36 year . she have earn money and fame by writing twilight novel which convert hollywood twilight movie, this movie is now famous. i saw this moveis all part . this story was love between human being and vampire ,Acctually narrate of movie is strange .

  5. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    Some people become famous writing only one novel or making only one Aynabazi film’s director Omitav reza,he made only one film and then declared he won’t make any movie in future..But by the success of his only one movie he has won this country’s people’s heart and he has been appointed the teacher of Art department of Dhaka University

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