The Shepherd’s Story of the Bond of Friendship 13

Anastasia trembled, and burst into tears. Then I saw no one, thought of none, but her. I threw my arms round her, and pressed my lips to hers. As she flung her arms round my neck, the lamp fell to the ground, and we were in darkness, dark as the heart of poor Aphtanides.


Before daybreak he rose, kissed us all, and said “Farewell,” and went away. He had given all his money to my mother for us. Anastasia was betrothed to me, and in a few days afterwards she became my wife.


By: Hans Christian Andersen


According to superstition among the Greeks, this is a monster produced from the unopened entrails of slaughtered sheep, which have been thrown away in the fields.

A peasant who can read is often made a priest; he is addressed as “Most holy sir,” and the other peasants kiss the ground on which he has stepped.

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