The lessons We have Learnt

Search English has now almost 5750 members and may be within 2 days, we will pass 6000 members. May be within this month, we will pass 8000 members and within one month from now, we will have 10,000 members. By the end of the year, it should be around 25 to 30 thousand. It indicates that this group is growing and becoming popular.

We are not using any marketing tricks or spending any money. Just pure and simple activities are the key to this growth. The founders of Search English are four- Abul Khayer, Neyamottullah Mohan, S M Mehdi Hasan and Razib Ahmed (that’s me). For us, it is more than having fun. We are trying to build it as an e-learning platform. It is a startup business venture for us. We really work hard for it. It is very tough for us as we are already busy with e-CAB and our personal works. Still, we try our best for Search English not only because it is our business initiative but also because we believe that it will change the lives of many people.

At first, our vision and dream were confined to Bangladesh only. Now, we can realize that it has potential to attract people of every country on earth. We have passed the initial struggle and we just need to sustain the quality upon which this platform has been built.

I have learnt some important lessons over the past 44 days- we started our journey form 1 July 2016. I am sharing some of the lessons:

  1. You need a dedicated team to move forward with a platform. I am the main man behind this platform. I have thought about using technology since 1996. So, I have been dreaming about it for the last 20 years. There was not a single day in the last 20 years that I did not think about it. But you cannot achieve something solo. You always need a dedicated team.

Abul Khayer vai and Mohan vai always take care of the technical part. S M Mehdi Hasan is writing a lot of content for us but most of the time, he is behind the scene.

We have Sifat to help us too with the website. Then, there is Naim Zaman vai always helping us with graphics design for the group. You already know Partho Pratim Majumdaer. There is Kamrul Hasan Shaon too. So, these four persons are also important part of Search English. These four persons have been with me for a long time. So, we understand one another.

  1. Sincerity matters: We do not charge any money directly or indirectly. This is not the main attraction of this group. The main asset of this group is that we are sincere. Farhana Asha apu is a very good example in this regard. We admire her for her sincerity. She tries from her heart to write and she has become popular among us because of it.
  2. Bhejal free platform will always grow naturally: I think that the biggest assest of this platform is its friendly environment. There is no bhejal. No one is allowed to offend or insult others. If you do not like this matter then there are many other groups where you can argue and insult others.

I know that there will be many attempts to follow Search English. There will be some skype addas and some Facebook groups too. Well, I wish all of you all the success but remember the simple lesson- there is no short cut.

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7 thoughts on “The lessons We have Learnt”

  1. Search English is very useful of learning English. and That’s why This is become
    a largest platform in our country. we are proud to be here and those name is mentioned here we are really grateful to them.

  2. Beside Razib Ahmed bhai, who is the main man, Abul Khayer, Neyamottullah Mohan and S M Mehdi Hasan are the three person who are working behind the screen from the very beginning. Team work is mandatory for any kind of successful project. Team members should be sincere enough to carry out their duties. You are lucky to get such dedicated team members.

  3. Loneliness naiym

    yes sir,
    its bejhal free platform. For this reason we (weak students) can learn English here without fear, shame and hesitation.
    Thanks sir for making a bhejal free platform. we are great ful to you.

  4. Search English is showing it’s potential every moments. It’s not because that we are memorising some books for reading writing or others. We are getting some valuable guidance and those all are practically proved. If we can continue like that for a long time then there will be not any reasons to be a successful career..

  5. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    When the number of member of seach english is 5750 that time you wrote this post. Now it is 402k. I knew about all of your great team from this post.Thank you.

  6. Search English is the fulfill bejal free platform, everybody easily practice here, search English is the best platform in world because Razib always gives good advice, Razib sir is the best teacher.we are Lucy search English member because we are razib sir students.

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