The importance of Translation of Bengali Literature in English Language

As I promised yesterday, I am going to write a series of entries aboutBangla literature. Well, I am going to use the two words Bangla and Bengali indiscriminately because I believe that while writing in English the name of the language should be Bengali instead of Bangla. Anyway, this is my opinion and you do not need to agree with me. I studied in English Literature and English Language Teaching for my BA and MA respectively. I wanted to study Bangla literature or journalism but in Bangladesh, studying English means that you are safe in your career because money revolves around this foreign language. I wish it was just only money but there is some kind of status symbol associated with this colonial language. Anyway, whether I like it or not English is the dominant international language and Tagore got intentional recognition after his works were translated in English. After or before Tagore, this kind of international recognition did not come to any other poet or novelist in Bangla literature.

Secondly, Bangla is now one of the top 5 or 6 most widely spoken languages in the world. It also has a rich literature. IN 20th century, it surely had the best literature in South Asia with Tagore and Nazrul. Tagore is the national poet of India while Nazrul is of Bangaldesh. Still, in Internet, you cannot find the complete works of Tagore and Nazrul in English. Thus, it is a matter of regret that we have something really valuable but others don’t know.

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70 thoughts on “The importance of Translation of Bengali Literature in English Language”

  1. Yeah sir..the bangla literature is so we are bangali so we should protect our own language, our own culture …thanks a lot needed 40 second to read

  2. Wow.they are both had very good man.athough their about somethiog called ability not mine.still then,i will say they are both our given much poem,literature,or any memorable gossip.i become very pleasure their gossip read.their life background very of trouble specially nazrul.i like to much who nazural.

  3. bangla is our mother language. it is obviously difficult from english literature. we should learn english for our perfirmence but we also should reserved bengali literature. It’s our own culture.

  4. The two famous poet or writer was life’s in Bengal literature in modernization time that must be continue as long times which never be finish.
    We must be respect them,s creation and we are remember them to various way in our life.

  5. Ratan Kumar Roy

    Bangla is our mother tongue, it is very easy to say for us. actually we can not expose our heart word without mother tongue. Bangla our mouth tongue. it is our mid tongue. we expose our feeling, enjoy, win, joy, wish, sorrow, passion, exclamation and so many feeling in our mother tongue. there is no any history that sacrifice their lives for mother tongue. for this reason in 1999 UNISCO have recognised Inter national mother language day. Now 21th February is observed all over the wold. it is a matter of proud for us. it is now second language of seyaraleon. 5th position have our language for using of numbers. the universe poet Tagore have achieved Nobel price by writing poem in Bengali language. so at first we need to know Bengali language after that English. all of us are proud for our mother tongue.

  6. Yes.. we have many valuable literature but we can’t use it.Others people of many countries are unknown about it.

  7. I had read a writing of Tagore once upon a time. Obligingly about translation. There Tagore discussed about various things how to translate Bengali to English or English to bengali. However this is not the topic of discuss. We have to confess that English is most dominant international language. We never be able to reach our literature in internally if we ignore English. We are very much Enriched in our literature. But it is the claim of time that we will led our literature in international position. If we would not be able to present our literature to the global people it will be very shameful for us. What Nazrul, Robindranath and all the glorious people of our literature had done for us, now it is our responsibility to presents this and introduce with international people. There is no substitute to English. English can be a great media . Be proficient in English, be spread your literature by your pen.

    1. Omar faruk polin

      No doubt, oneday we shall achieve the prestige of bengali language.
      You are right vaiya if we would not be able to present our literature to global people, it will be very shameful for us.

  8. I completely agree with you sir. we should provide the translation on the internet to make our literature known to the other parts of the world.

    Thus they will be able to learn much about our literature, about our ample Literal resources..

  9. All people already said my opinion.I just wanna say try to find purity in your own language and feel it as much as u can.Razib sir already felt it which he has expressed by his article .Thanks a lot…..

  10. Zahirul Islam Polash.

    I agreed with you. We are ‘Banglai’ so that we talking in ‘Bangla’ language. I have done a small mistake here willingly that us I have used ‘Bangla’ language. But it is wrong. When it will be writing in English language we must be write bengali language instead of bangla. It’s really a funny matter! I have never realised this.

    Although in the world we can see bengali language is the top 4th or 5th language. But it’s not get recognition of the international language. If we want to share our thinking with all peoples all over the world we must translate our opinion into English. Because English is the first and international language. Many of the peoples of the world are using English in their writings or as a official prime language.

    So that, if we have more famous and genious writers in bengali literature but they are not able to achieve international recognition such as noble literature prize. Many of the noble laureates are written their works in English. For this it was spread to more peoples. Rabindranth Tagore got noble prize for his work ‘Geetanjoli’ in 1913 after translating it into English language, not only that, after completion the translation he had changed it’s name from ‘Geetanjoli’ to ‘Song Offerings’! Why it was need to change? I don’t know the cause. I seem to increasing it’s acceptancy to the noble committe he changed the name of his Geetanjoli. Now a days if our writers try to write their work in English besides bengali, they will be able to get intetnational recognition in future.

  11. We got our bangla language by hard it makes more dominant in our responsibility. For this reason we should translate bangla literature. We have many famous person in our country to enrich this language.

  12. Content regarding Bengali literature and writers are very rare in Internet. In this aspect, we need to provide more information about our culture and literature as much as possible.

  13. It’s true that our bangla literature have a great famed. Our BengalI nation should be known about our literature and it’s past history. Kazi Nazrul Islam was bengali famous poet. He is our bidroye kobi.

  14. i strongly agree with you sir.we are learning english for our better career.i really thought about that, in our country many people gave their life for free the bangla language.but in our country the system are so getting a better job you must have strong knowldge about english.and fluent speaker get preference i the job thats why we have to learn english.

  15. It is a matter of happiness that in 2002, Bangla was announced as the second official language in Sierra Leone by the country’s president Ahmad Tejan Kabbah. It is really an honour for us. Hoping for the best for our language in near future.

  16. we must to obey English is dominant language in the whole world. who’s are expart of english he/she endureth worldwide. meanwhile English fluent person easily took his desire knowledge.

  17. We are all different by our language in this world. And English is like a string to connect each other . In this regard I can say this is nothing to unacceptable thing in this we should respect each other’s language and try to learn for make ourselves more conected to the world. We must be more flexible to learn.

  18. Sharmin Shibly

    You’re’s very important things for us..bengali literature bring in english version..

  19. Salman hossain

    Yes sir, I think it is very important to translation bangla literature in English language.Because English is an international language.

  20. Tagore was recognized for English.but modhusudon dotto was failed.hope one day people will know us by our own language. And now if we can translate our(writers) famous writing in english hope people will take it easily. and they will know about our literature.

  21. Tasfia Tabassum

    English is an international language. But bangla is our mother tongue. As the position of bangla language is 5th of the whole world, so it is necessary to introduce with bangla to the person of the whole world.
    For that reason, it is needed of translation of bangli literature in English language.

  22. Palash Sarker

    Yes. I agree with you Sir. Students of English Literature are valued more than Bangla Literature because of the high possibility of better income. Our Bangla literature is very rich and we must need to translate them thus the people of other language speakers can understand how rich our literature is. It needs very good English and Bangla language skill and a great mind with interest on literature. The translator must be a good reader and great writing skill otherwise the translation could be wrong and the people of other county will get the wrong information.

  23. I also belong to English department and obtained first class 1st, 2nd and 3rd year respectively.but I think I should develop my English skills and I am not good enough to deal in English. so I am an ardent learner..

  24. yes sir, we have a lot but we haven’t anything. only a translation (Gitanjoli) comes nobel by Tagore. recently DU teacher Anisujjaman got a recognition by India due to a translation

    Bangla literature is strong but only we know it. most of foreigner haven’t read a bangla writers book because it has not English translation.
    in Banglades,, many publisher or translator become interested to do translation of English book to bangla but they haven’t any hade quack translate it bangla to English.
    to published our culture all over the world it os only one way that translated any qualified books in Englis..

  25. I read your post. Its very reality.Many people believe English literature students means career safe.

  26. Md. Mostafizur Rahman Ripon

    Our literature is so much strong and versatile but unfortunately the publication of our literature in English was not published.

  27. Thanks for sharing an important chew. Really it is a good way to improve English skill. I am hardly trying it. Of course, I will do it.

  28. Sonia Islam khan

    Yes our literature is rich but not it international language. Really we don’t know English we can’t service any where. So English is very much important for us

  29. if we translate bangla in english,,,worlds people will know about our creativity…it is important for us.

  30. Rashed Talukder

    we easily can speak fluently with in bangla. but bangla grammar is so difficult from english grammer. we can’t speak fluently some kinds of reason, we think need get more rules in grammer to speak and write in english. but its wrong. as like literature’s have more difficult rules, words, synonyms. this articles have write about that website has can’t published all in englsh of tagor and nazrul’s books.

  31. Sometimes I translated into English from bangla and English from bengali.I understood how much tough to do this.I have understood the importance of translation.Now I known the importance of bengalj literature translation. I did not read any English version literature of Bengali. I have read many novel and story from bangla literature. I endeavour to read those English version if I found in internet.

  32. Actually, I love my mother language, It’s true that we, all Bangli loves her mother language. we know , English is the international and first language in the world. Most of the people in the world use,English when they exchange their speech.I realized it very much.Now a days, if we attend any kinds of sector or compitition out site the others country, we need to use English. as a competition world, if we get our place in the top level,or our literature places ,It’s very necessary for translation bangali literature in English language.

  33. mustafizur rahman

    I love my mother tongue. bangla is our mother tongue but now a days you know that English is international Language .and English dominate whole over the world. i believe that some Banglai literature translate in english .but it’s very necessary to translation Bangli literature in english language.

  34. English is an international language. otherwise Bangla is my mothaer language … two language very importance with us …

  35. Nazrul is my favorite poet. His Manus, Omor Faruk, bidrohi, kandary husiar etc are my favorite poem. I stored in my head his manus poem.

  36. Bangla is our mother language. safe this language our many brothers and sisters had died …so it’s our responsibility that to save our language and recognise to the international world. ..then our literature will be alive forever. .to do this work we must have to learn English fluently. ….

  37. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    At first I am agree with you that we have lot of valuable things to known to others which already done by our two legend (Tagore and Nazrul).But for upcoming 21st century literature is depending to dominent international language and so it’s need to translate or broadcast in English.

  38. Truthly i am agree with that money is revolves around the foreign in Bangladesh .REading english literature mean carrer is save . tagore was bagged novel award after that his works was translate because if his work had valuable

  39. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    If we want to represent our rich literature to the whole world we have to translate our literary work in English..And for this reason more and more English skilled is needed because with insufficient translator we won’t be able to translate the vast Bengali literary work..

  40. Nazmul and tagor botha are famous for their outstanding work in the field of literature such as poem ,short story etc.They have great importance on our literature that we can’t deny .

  41. Thank you so much for this post. This post is a very important tropic discussion.
    I am traveling in 2012. I don’t good English speaking and writing so I can’t represent in my country.

  42. English is not only language but also technology. It need all aspect of our national and international activities. It need to learn tread function,education,technology,medical sciences, laws,phds studies. it also need to migrate oversees countries to serve our life to earning,learning,living etc .it also intensified on globalization.

  43. English is not only International language and it is only one international media for communication with foreigner.

    You have pointed that there is no complete works for tagore and Nazrul in website that is very true. A few of literature is available in online of them. Some of them are available in online but that has in Bengoli Language. We should translate our literature in English that we will be more helpful and artful for us. By these wag, we can help our nations in worldwide.

    We are Bangali and we have habit to do something incompletely. You have to free from our habit that will help us in our future generation. We know that literature is one kind of miror for a nations where we can see our historical phenomenon.

    which nations will more rich in literature that nations do better for their next generation.

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