”The Greatest Game Ever Played” Movie review

”The Greatest Game Ever Played” is one of the good movie’s where represented a story of a poor boy whose name was Francis.he was very passionate about golf because from his childhood he watched this game . the golf playground was near from his house. so at early age he saw different good players game & tried to practice a lot in his room at the middle of the night.

As his family was very poor so his father won’t let him to play golf because his father thought this game is only for rich people & Francis never got that types of opportunity. his father wanted Francis to do work with him . but he didn’t agree with his father & was trying continuously by his own way. one day he wanted to join golf-club which is nearby from his house. For being club member he had to pay 50 dollar. but he hadn’t one single penny.

so he asked his father to pay the entry fee. but his father gave a condition to pay the fee. his father told him if he lose the first match he have to back & work as a salesman. Francis accepted the condition. unfortunately he lost the first golf match as he hadn’t any coach for that reason he had to work as salesman. but many people of the club understood if Francis try then he will do well in near future. so one day a golf club member came to him and offer him to play another match.The man also showed him some technique although he was not much good. but day by day Francis was doing well. so one day he got another chance to play U.S. Amature golf championship.

Many good players participated in this game. Francis was the only 20 years young man who have to lost many renowned players. Most renowned English golf player Harry Vardon was his idol & even at that U.S. Open. Amateur golf championship Francis have to play with him as his opponent. so Francis was nervous in every match as he could able to do this or not.Even Francis hadn’t any assistant who will carry his bag for the golf-stick.

A little young boy was very interested to carry Francis’s bag.
The little boy was very friendly & he liked to carry Francis’s bag & gave him a lot of courage. In this way Francis played different part of the game & came into round 3 which is very tough for him. Although many people criticized him that he couldn’t go to the final round. But Francis was very optimistic & tried his level best to go the final round.

Finally he did & at the last round there is only two player who were very skilled at golf playing . nervous to give golf shot at the last stage. but the little assistant gave him courage & tell Francis everything will be okey if he just play in his own way & never thought about other’s. Finally he could able to go the final round where he played with his childhood idol Harry Vardon . Though whole match was very tough for Francis but finally he could loss the English best player by his own effort.

If you are not good at anything that doesn’t fact . Never compare with anyone, just try everyday in your own way. Then you can easily reach your own destination one day. This is the main fact of success.


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