The Gift of the Magi: Just One Reason to Read a Short Story

It was perhaps my good luck that in college, we had to study the short story The Gift of the Magi written by O. Henry. It my most favorite short story and I have ready it many many times. I first read it in 1990 and that was 19 years ago. My enjoyment of reading it has not diminished at all and has increased over the years. That time, I was a teenager boy and the story profoundly affected. I dreamt that someday, my own couple life will be like this. Thanks God that it has been even perhaps better. However, for the idea of happy couple life, I think that I owe a lot from The Gift of the Magi.

The plot of the story is very simple. Jim and Della are a loving and happy couple. Their economic condition is not good. It is the day before Christmas. Jim had no money to buy any gift for his wife and vice versa. He had a gold watch which he inherited from his family and he sold it to buy a set of expensive combs so that Della can take better care of her lovely hair. Della has extraordinary hair and they are long and shiny. She sold the hair to buy a chain for that gold watch of Jim. This way, what they bought became useless but they understood that they are the happiest couple.

This short story created the thrust in me to find a girl like Della in real life. Fortunately, I found one and she was in Internet in another country. Even we did not have the same language and she was very weak in English. Still, we love each other a lot and we waited for each other in Internet for nearly 4 years. Many people around me laughed at me that I was wasting my time for an Internet girl. I came from a lower middle class family and even saving enough money to visit her country was impossible for 4 years.

It was my good luck that I read The Gift of the Magi at a very early age and it surely influenced me a lot. All I can tell you is that if you have not read the short story then do it right away. You can read it free in Internet here:

I wish that in our own time, we have good short stories like this. By the way, there is one short story that I have written and you can find it here:

So, enjoy my story for the time being.

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  1. Wow great sir.i read it within one minute

  2. I have read this story before but forgot the name. This article remind that nice story once again. I’m also happy to know that you have found your dream girl in internet. I wish I could know the further incidents of such sweet real story.

  3. I never asked you about your personal life. I always focus on your struggle so that I can learn and can fight in this tough time of mine. But today I little bit eager to know about our” Vabi”. I never before thought we havge a cute” Vabi” as like Della. Hope , You will let us know something about your close one. Insallah we will congratulate her together.

  4. I am really feeling blessed to go through this article. This article has helped me to know about you which was my long time desire. thanks for this wonderful sharing.

  5. I watched a video based on the story before but didn’t know that sort of story could be existed. After watching the video, I had a good feeling. Whenever I came to know that you had same feeling reading the story, I thought to myself, it matched with me. Everyone wishes to have a near one who will match like dream world. In that case you are lucky. Sir, I came to know about my bhabi that she is from Iran, I don’t know whether I am right or wrong. As you and my bhabi’s mentality match better, I wish that will exist the rest part of your life and you will lead happy couple life. Thanks a lot sir.

  6. nice history . really it inspired our couple . they lead happy life. because happiness not come money. it nice movement or nice feeling . so happiness is own matter. you are not happy. then not possible for me make your happiness. because i am don’t know what is your problem . because you know your problem & you solve your problem. i M just help not more.
    prayer for all couple they are lead happy life .
    thank Sir

  7. Wow Sir it is good that u find ur dream girl by internet .

  8. All the couples can take a good lesson from this story how to make conjugal life happy and blessed.

  9. This the best lesson for any conjugal couple.Here mentioned some important things which is related in real life experience.Happiness is based on our own wish or activities, here no need luxurious life.

  10. i enjoy it very much .

  11. This story is a boon for us who are passing nuptial life with a lot of noxious something. .by reading this we can get some profound thinking for marital lifem

  12. sir really its ur own life history? then I pray to Allah so that he fulfill ur this good wish very fast.

  13. I always like the story and desire to get anyone who will be like Jim

  14. Really nice post.I read it

  15. Previously I know Jim & dellas story.

  16. I wrote its summery of past post of jim and megi. it was our class 11 at english book. our college english teacher dilip sir told us this story how nicely. that time I didn’t understood the story to read. but now I can easily get the meaning also points. its all magic of se.

  17. Vaiaa, really I am so happy to know about your dream girl like Della. I will pray to the Creator for you. Certainly you will get her in your life wonderful partner, who will always be with you as like as the Della forever.

  18. Vaiaa, I am really happy to khow about your dream girl like Della. I will pray for you to the Creator. Certainly you will get her in your life as a wonderful partner who will always be with you as like as Della forever.

  19. Vaiaa, I am really happy to khow about your dream girl like Della. I will pray for you. Certainly you will get her in your life as a wonderful partner who will always be with you as like as Della forever.

  20. I have read this famous short story in my college period.That time I just memorized the answer of some questions now I have got the moral lesson of The Gift of the Magi written by O. Henry.

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