The best way to fight against Depression

Just do the following things and you will feel some better.

We feel depressed because of basically 2-3 reasons- failure in love, unemployment and extreme poverty, unhappiness and in family and poor performance in education. 95% of cases related to depression are somehow connected to the 4 things mentioned above.

I have noticed that three things help me a lot:

  1. When I am sad then I try to read the books that inspire me and watch the movies that give me some mental peace. I suffered some serious bhejal and health breakdown during 2011-14. I watched many movies during these 4 years. I read many inspiring texts, watched many videos in youtube. It helped me a lot.
  2. I like to go out for a walk and observe people in the street, streets, parks, lakes etc. Most people love to watch rich people and fancy cars. I also do it too but at the same time I also try to see the condition of poor people. The street children are trying to sell something or get some money through begging. We get annoyed with them but the reality is that they do not want to sell or beg at this age. Instead, they want to play and go to school and enjoy life. There are some people who do not have a leg or a hand or cannot see (blind). We are more fortunate than them.
  3. Finally, I like to donate some amount of money almost every day. I am not rich but I surely can donate 1 taka or 2 taka per day. It does not take 100 taka to give a poor child in the street an ice cream or a chocolate. Try it and you will see a lot of happiness in that child’s face.

Finally, your depression is real and it will not simply go away but bad times do not stay forever. What is needed is that you can stay calm and confident during tough times.

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24 thoughts on “The best way to fight against Depression”

  1. I like read most, when I feel depression, then I start read different novel..its give me inspire. thanks sir for ur helpful post.its need our whole life..

  2. One of the best inspirational article i ever read.Drepression means mentally unhappy and pasding bad situation that makes anybody worry and sad.This article give us 3 valuable way to remove drepression.i will try my level best to follow all of these way.

  3. kamrul hasan

    A splendid suggestion about how to remove depression from our hazardous life. When we are in frustrated mood of depriving something, we should look at the people who are in more deplorable situation than us then our depression will automatically be driven away.

  4. Sometimes,We face some unbearable situation in our life.We most of can’t cope with these distress condition. But if we notice that the others class of people’s life style who lead a very wretched life than me or you then we will get some inspiration. Depression comes through our life but it never stay in long time.This is also part in our daily life..

  5. Farida Easmin

    When I am fall in depression I like to hear sing for recreation & perform তাহাজ্জুদ salat for mental peace. so many time I did those & I got it’s fruitful results.
    these two ways help me remove me depression always.
    Reading book /newspapers are also a fantastic way to reduce depression. my father do it always.
    from my childhood I see when my father was in depression overnight he read books / newspaper.
    He said its help to overcome from depression.

  6. Loneliness naiym

    yes sir,
    we can help the streat children’s or poor people who can’t eat in time to time. “Happiness lays in donating”. We havs to understand it then we will want to help them. we can help them who are not able to read due to their provrtyness.
    Some months ago me with some of my friends took a desicion to read a student. He was talented student. So,his father request my friend to help his sons.Then my friend ddiscussed it with ourselves. Then we told him(my friend) yes. we can help him.Then we took decision that one of my friend teached him English I would teach him maths and accounting.Our work were running. so my friend taught it with his father,then his father talk it with his wife. After some time told us that his brother-in-law told his wife that he(boy) She works in the garages. they would take him(the boy) in abroad. Then our mind would be sad. We want to do better for their but they couldn’t understand about the importance of education.

  7. Rashed Talukder

    everymans lifes has become depression. happiness and sorrows both of become on human lifes. celebration Is our best way to devide happiness each others. but we have no way to show our sorrows with on celebrate. but we are passing our depressing time own way. but, the articles have suggest more way to fight against depressed. to remove depression from minds we need to do as like works what is pure and dedicated. that type of dedication give us peace. street childrens are most innocent. if we passed time with their certainly you have to be a peace minded. over all, the article has more leanring speech. so try to that what is this…

  8. This is actual advised. Who are feel depression they have should follow this rules.
    Real life is connected to many hesitation,depression and bad moment. We should struggle, fight and keep confidence to against.
    Hardly to work by must come success.
    Success not come at once.
    It comes slowly and longer hardship. We should not attention who are rich or poor.
    It is common matter that who are not want to be rich,get wonderful house and get also fancy car. Everything is possible if we know to do hard work. My life is my life. I am legend in my situation. Don’t be compared to others.
    In a word we should take care about my life and hardship.

  9. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    When I passing tough time I got search english.Now I am feeling better than before.From my every word of writing english in here giving me pleasure .

  10. After reading your passage i got your formula how to get rid of depression.But i have been using this formula about 2/3 years ago.Human life is very mysterious they face many kind of happiness and sorrows in their life.Some people depress about many reasons.
    Depression happiness will come in life and its simple.Who can fight with depression whom can shine in life

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