Team Building Effort for Writing

I have basically two skills- I can write and I can build a small team. My dream is to build a team of 10 persons for writing. So far, we have got 7 persons in this regard. I would not say that it is a formidable team but I am satisfied with it. I am satisfied because all of us are sincere and love to write.
It is not easy to build a team. Functioning as a unit is even more challenging. We live in different parts of the country and different corners of Dhaka city. However, I am hopeful because I have realized when you work towards a specific goal then sooner or later it will happen.
So, for the time being, I will focus on this writing team. As for Skype Adda, we have Mithu Kamal as the captain and he can now speak in a very attractive way.
I wanted to actually first make a team of 10 persons and then try seriously for the group or the team. However, now, it seems to me that we should start our march and sooner or later, some new faces will join. Instead, I should now focus on training these 6 persons so that they can learn to function as a unit.

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11 thoughts on “Team Building Effort for Writing”

  1. Abu Hamza Khalid

    It’s all about your few nice dreams. Now sir you have become successful and we all always will be with you. Thanks a lot.

  2. Rashed Talukder

    I am a new member of this group. although now 3 months running.I do not see any post of kamal vai. sir noticed that kamal is good speaker. and sir had dreamed taken with active and succeeded mambers. but few members are no more in this group. many of members go away from this group after gain their success. but still the dream have our Razib. and presenet time most of regular members are achieving part of success in english. sir decides taken with whose mambers to make move forward. Itt seems to that sir already select them. actually it is another advantages for us.we’ll get more oppurtunity to learn knowledge.
    team works is assential for teaches everythings. and writing has team work is more effective. think about our own group. everytime becoming posts this group. its as lilke group study.

  3. You thinking stayle is so unique. Yes you was do it properly. Now you have a most famous group. You can fulfill your dream and build a great team or group. I seem your dream not finished. You have more dream now. I hope you will fulfill it properly.

  4. Congratulation to your team . Teamwork is more effectiveness for success. however , I try to my best to improve myself to speaking and writing in English.

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