Sukumar Ray: A versatile author

In Bengali literature there are not too many writers who wrote only for the children. The genre of children’s writing is made popular by two people: Upendra Kishore Ray and his son Sukumar Ray. In this article I am going to write about Sukumar Ray.

I first read Sukumar’s poem when I was in class II, ‘Baburam Shapure,’ (Baburam, the snake charmer) one of the most popular children’s poem in Bengali literature. Then in class III ‘PakaPaki’ was in our Bengali text book. However, I enjoyed most reading the stories of Pagla Dashu (Crazy Dashu). Pagla Dashu was a student who just got admitted into a new school in the primary class. In Bengali ‘Pagla’ refers to a person who is crazy by nature and ‘Dashu’ is the abbreviation of ‘Dashrathi’ (Father of Ram in Ramayana). Pagla Dashu became famous in the school from the very first day for his behavior and appearance. It is one of the most popular characters created by Sukumar Ray.

Dashu had a huge head and a small body. The writer compared him to a Walking fish (a variety of fish, tastes very delicious when fried) with human head. Every body who saw his face even for once could not forget him. He had bushy hair and when he talked he moved his hands so much that he would look like a shell-fish. Added with all these, his crazy behavior, made him more interesting. However, he was very good in mathematics and he could make fool out of his friends by crafting clever plots. This was ‘Pagla Dashu,’ in simple words, madcap. When my father brought me the book I finished it in one sitting. I read the stories so many times but never got bored. Dashu with his uncommon physical appearance, fooling his friends and Pundits (during the colonial period in Bengal in the Hindu Schools the teachers were known as Pundits) made me laugh so many times.

Among the stories of Pagla Dashu my most favorite is “Dashur Khapami” (Dashu the Madcap). It is a story about Dashu acting in the annual school drama. Despite his classmates’ effort to stop him from participating in the drama he participated and played the role of ‘Devduta’ (Heavenly angel). At the last scene the Devduta was supposed to return to heaven but Dashu was determined to remain on the stage and so he did and delivered all the dialogues and ended the play. The story is really interesting. When I was writing this article I was reading the story and after all these years I could not help but laugh. The stories never grow old for me. Sukumar was really a great story teller.

Another talent of Sukumar Ray is his ability of composing nonsense verse. Of course, his main audience is the children. Although for the children, the poems are appreciated by people of all ages. Rhyme and rhythm are the main features of his poems. The poems may sound nonsense but there is some kind of rhythm. ‘Khai Khai’ (Voraciousness/ Eating Eating) is a very famous poem of Sukumar. His writing style could be compared to that of Lewis Carroll. Sukumar Ray translated Carrol’s JABBERWOCKY. His other popular poems are- Abol Tabol, Bombar gorer Raja, PakaPaki, Thikana.

Sukumar Ray, was a versatile genius like his father Upendrakishore Ray. He was a great illustrator. He drew pictures for his poems. He went to England and got higher training in photography and printing technology. He was also an expert in lithography. After his father Upendra Kishore, Sukumar became the publisher of the then most popular children’s magazine ‘Shondesh.’ His brilliant illustrations were published in this magazine. It is really unfortunate that this versatile genius died at a very early age (36).

In Bengali literature especially in children’s literature both Upendra and Sukumar are towering figures. They published magazines, wrote stories and poems only for the children. Sukumar’s son Satyajit Ray, was a brilliant film maker and writer. Aside from film making, like his father, Satyajit wrote great detective stories. All of them have died a long time ago; still people cherish them through their poems and writings. There are many people like me who find great joy and pleasure reading the poems of Sukumar Ray.


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25 thoughts on “Sukumar Ray: A versatile author”

  1. Nice work and congratulate Kamrul via for this content about Sukumar Ray. Sukumar Ray is one of the most famous writers in our country. He is special for the children’s writings. I have not read this storybook that is mentioned in this content. By reading this content, I have enriched my knowledge.

    1. after reading the fair description,I am feeling like reading his poems.I also like his “voy peyo na”(don’t be scared) poem.I will read the poems you mentioned above.thank you..

  2. Thanks for the wonderful description about the genious writer like sokumar ray. His poem is really enjoyable.

  3. Abu Hamza Khalid

    After reading I am feeling so much interest to read Sukumar Ray’s verse. Excellent article….written by Kamrul Vai.

  4. You have illustrated nicely about Sukumar Ray. His fathers origin is my home-district. Really a versatile writer he is.

  5. I like this point of this topic “It is really unfortunate that this versatile genius died at a very early age” (36). Really there are no ending in learning. There are many people like me who still honour the versatile genius.

  6. Loneliness naiym

    Thanks sir.
    His poem is so much interesting. ‘Pagla Dasshu’ is so interesting story. Though I never read this story. But by reading this article I have gotten so much fun. Really interesting story.

  7. after reading the fair description,I am feeling like reading his poems.I also like his “voy peyo na”(don’t be scared) poem.I will read the poems you mentioned above.thank you..

  8. sukumar roy is my favourite poet too.I like his “voy peyo na ” (don’t be scared)poem.I want to read all the poems you mentioned above

  9. I am ashtonished his life time was very short. Sukumar Roy is really a versetile genius. We lost a poet who was very famous as his early age. I never read his poem. I would like to read his poems as early as possible and also will encourage our little babies. Thanks to you for write this nice article about Sukumar Roy.

  10. Md. Mostafizur Rahman Ripon

    Upendra kumar roy then Sukumar Roy then Satyajit Roy after that who is the great legend of this great family.

  11. I read their full story.obviously both are very creative person in Bengali literature. I respect them from the very core of my heart.

  12. Sukumar Ray was a great story teller. He wrote poems specially for the children. When I was in class two the poem “Bapuram Sapure” made me very happier. After that I encouraged to read the poems.

  13. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    really the best ever article.i didn’t get lot of masseges about Sukumar Ray,his father and his son before but from here.I think all we need to know about this infomation specialy who love literature.

  14. Upendra Kishore Ray and his son Sukumar Ray then came Satyajit Ray all these are noble man or figure in Bengali Literature and Film industry. Though first two men are famous for children’s writing but Satyjit Roy for Film. By reading these article I came to know that they are same family and same blood.

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