Sukanta Bhattacharya: Young poet with a matured hand

With the name of poet Sukanta Bhattacharya the first thing that comes into my mind is “Ranar,” the famous poem. I read it first in my class five Bengali text book. The poem was letter sung as a song by Hemanta Mukhopaddhay. Shukanta was born in Calcutta in 1926. By the time he grew up Second World War was going on and the heat of the war was also felt in the British ruled Bengal. It was a crucial time in the history of Bengal. The anti British movement was going on and also the economy of Bengal was in a very bad condition which resulted in a man made famine in 1943. Sukanto was born, observed and depicted the problems of society and suffering of people of that time. Sukanta during his school life became involved into leftist political movement. He was deeply influenced by Marxist thoughts and ideals. In his poems he described the contemporary social problems such as famine, war, suffering of poor people especially farmers and day laborers. During the famine of 1943 he became a relief worker for the peasants who came to calcutta. He also worked with jute mill trade organizations. Sukanta died of tuberculosis when he was only twenty one years old. Within such a short span of time he wrote many poets and plays. Some of his works are Chhadpatra (1947), Purbabhas (1950), Mithekada (1951), Abhiyan (1953), Ghum Nei (1954), Hartal (1962), Gitiguchchha (1965).
In my writing I want to talk about two of his famous poems and they are my most favorite as well. The first is “Chhadpatra,” a poem where the poet talks about an infant who has just taken birth and declaring his arrival through crying. The poet says that the baby has come to this world and now we have to make place for this baby. The poet says that some times the baby is crying, sometimes laughing and making noise but nobody understands it. The people are getting irritated but the poet understands his language. It is the hope of a new world, a new place. The people will die and this new born baby will take their place and in this way the cycle of human life will move forward. Here the poet is actually referring to the contemporary condition of his time war, piece, famine and instability in life. The poet did not lose his faith on human being. He hopes that the next generation will learn from the faults of their elders and try to make the world a better place. The new born baby is that sign of hope.
Another poem is “Ranar”. It is the story of a simple mail man or Daak Harkara. In those days the communication system was not very developed. The function of the mailman is to move letters and money orders and other important messages from one post-office to another post-office. This was a very tiring job and risky as well. The mail man has to go long distance and work at night. There are dacoits and muggers hiding on the way. Ranar is such a mail man who risking his life everyday carries important letters and money for people. Ranar is a very poor person. He carries letter for every body but there is no body who wants to know about him. He lives from hand to mouth. Ranar here is the representative of the labor class. The poet here depicts the suffering of those poor people who goes unrecognized but whose hard works contribute to the human society.
Both of these poems are very neat and well written. They are charged with highly emotional words. Both poems focus on the same subject a new dawn of human society a ray of hope. The hope of a new world where people will not oppress or destroy each other. It will be a world free of war, disease and famine. The new born child, and Ranar are the messenger of that new world.

Written by: S M Mehdi Hasan

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20 thoughts on “Sukanta Bhattacharya: Young poet with a matured hand”

  1. I also read both poem when I was student. Today’s children don’t understand who is ranar? what is his duty?? Thanks for reminded it & I understand this post.

  2. Wow…how sweet idol writer he is!! Only he has achieved a great place of poetry within short time .I have read his one poem this named is “18 years old “..he told clearly whole character of this age..i am astonished seeing ur greatness ..only 21 age life is him..but he is really great …

  3. সাবাস, বাংলাদেশ, এ পৃথিবী
    অবাক তাকিয়ে রয়ঃ
    জ্বলে পুড়ে-মরে ছারখার
    তবু মাথা নোয়াবার নয়।
    I can remember Sukanto in those verse. He had gone away in this earth very early. But his writing is alive to us. He will live in his verse in his writing forever.

  4. সাবাস, বাংলাদেশ, এ পৃথিবী
    অবাক তাকিয়ে রয়ঃ
    জ্বলে পুড়ে-মরে ছারখার
    তবু মাথা নোয়াবার নয়।
    I can remember Sukanto in those verse. He had gone away in this earth very early. But his writing is alive to us. He will live in his verse in his writing forever.

  5. I’m so astonished to saw his life history. He dies only 21 years old. but his endureth to remambar us humanity.

  6. “Sukanta Bhattacharya: Young poet with a matured hand” is one of the excellent article in this zero category. Really I liked to read it. So well written. Sukanto one of the glorious poet of your country who left the world in very early age of 21. He gifted us few outstanding writing within his short span of life.
    Word meanings:
    Famine দুর্ভিক্ষ
    Marxist মার্ক্সবাদী
    Contemporary সমসাময়িক
    Peasants কৃষক
    Dacoits ডাকাত
    Muggers ছিনতাইকারী
    Dawn ভোর

  7. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Though this poet died in very early age but give a lot of splendid works of him for society within this short time. . In bangla literature there is none yet who can touch his level and thinking ability. .

  8. আঠার বছর বয়স
    কি দুঃসহ
    when I first know He had meet with die only 21 years old I was very shocked. really I cant imagine how he wrote this on that early age

  9. I have come to know that sukanta was a leftist and Marxist in thought.however, I always feel pity for his short life. I like his works

  10. sonia islam khan

    Yes is most popular poet in bangla literature. I few poem of sukanta. Sukanto was die in tb. Now I work in tb program.

  11. Rashed Talukder

    I remember this poems summery. dhak horkora. this poem carrying an ideal of honesty. but sad that he had died early. but he gave us more inspirations, ideal poem and so on. really miss him.

  12. Loneliness naiym

    He is also one of my favoutite writer. Though I have read his one or two poems maybe.But,by reading his poem I was falling love with his poem.Because, it seems to me that his poem is extraordinary. But sad to say that this great poet died of Tuberculosis at the age og 21. In his 21 years he wrote many poems.Maybe Inn my school life,I have read one of his poem. That poem name is Ataro bosor boyos(18 years old).That poem is very valuable for all the teenagers boys & girls.By reading this poet boys and girls could understand about their problem. Because, In ones life 18 years is the bad years for all. In this year they have to face in difficult situation. so, I think it is the best poem for all teenagers. I have reminded this poem.HERE I’m writing some lines,
    আঠারো বছর বয়স কী দুঃসহ
    র্স্পধায় নেয় মাথা তোলবার ঝুঁকি,
    আঠারো বছর বয়সেই অহরহ
    বিরাট দুঃসাহসেরা দেয় যে উঁকি।
    Just mind blowing poem.

  13. Sukanto ,who is a reflaction of young generation was born in 1926. He was a short lived person ,he died at a early age of 21 like jon keats .He gave us a little creation in his short life bt it’s a reflection of our young generation thoughts how can they contribute for our society . ” atharo bochor boyosh” is one of his famous poem which i read in 12th class,it’s such a poem that makes our blood hot ,its about what is the duty of a young generation and how can they change our society. Because they are irresistable .may be it’s the reflection of his age and character. He is a short lived poet bt his contribution is remarkable in our literature.

  14. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    During my school period when I read Sukanta Bhattacharya’s poem I was thinking he is going on to show us what we actually need for a new born baby.In his poem he clearly gave us a message that we need give place for new born with making the world better.So actually he shown us the real picture of our discriminent society of that period.I was shocked so much when I knew that he died at early age.I think If he alived long then he would open a new door for our literature .

  15. I like his every poem.When I recite his poem that time feel something in my mind.He is one of favourite poet to me.

  16. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    In our SSC Bangla 1st paper book I saw the poem “Ranar” but As it was out of our syllabus I didn’t read this..But I will try to read the poem searching my old book which is now under my bed…

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