Some advice for young people of 20-25

For the last three years, I have been active in Facebook and have talked to many young persons through Facebook, Skype, mobile phone or even in real life. Based on observation and experience, I am giving some advice here:
1. Try to have a reading habit. Reading is a very powerful tool for any educated person. Read anything that you can find- book, websites, newspapers and even Facebook posts.
2. Always try to enjoy your work. If you feel bored about something then you can never shine in it.
3. There is nothing wrong in trying to improve your condition. Even, be some selfish and look after your own benefit. However, do not hurt or harm others with your deeds. As a result, many people will like you.
4. Do not be afraid to dream. Believe in your dreams strongly. Do not expect others to praise you about it. Do not give up and try your best. Sooner or later, success will come.
5. Try to lead an honest life. It is true that in our society many people will consider you as weak or stupid but believe in your heart. Honesty will bring satisfaction and happiness in life.
6. Spend at least 10 minutes of time in doing something good for others or for the society. It will bring real happiness. Even if you like to take selfie and show off still help others.
7, Do not bother about the persons who create problem for you. Do not try to take revenge or fight back. Just focus on your own development and you will outgrow and outshine them sooner or later.

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82 thoughts on “Some advice for young people of 20-25”

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t fall in this category but my mind is still 20! While reading this post one thing came to mind that is -why I’m so late? Why didn’t I find such instruction before.. However, I believe there is no age of learning. Points those are mentioned above are very useful. I practice few of them already. Thank you for your guideline.

  2. Yes bro just awesome said.No 2 I can’t enjoyed my work.I feel bored altime that’s why i can’t nothing..Yes i should follow your rules pray for me thay ALLAH help me…

  3. Really its amazing for learning various things.All post has been reveal all of suitable things suit for me.Now time to start to doing somethings different that’s are effect in our goal.I think we will must be successful in our evert step of life and finally we will get this.

  4. Alamgir Hossain Rafi

    Definitely sir,we will try to follow your direction and suggestion. I am feeling happy and lucky to get you as our mentor I mean the best teacher in my life.I will not give up my dream I will try my best through heart and soul to acquire skilled of me in English. I don’t want any praise others but I want to prove myself. I want to be habitual to read becauseI believe that for writing we have to read huge and listen also.
    Reading is the main tool for writing very well about anything.

  5. I am no 20—-25. So what , ur 7 thought are true. So I appreciate ur thoughts.
    So many young boys are joining bad work, u only u try to modified them through engaged good work. Thanks Razib vai for your 7 thoughts.

  6. Yes we need to focus on our dream.Don’t be upset.Don’t be afraid.Human being comes to us both of bad and good time.we should keep your mind fresh and peace and go forward rapidly.

  7. Yes sir it’s better for 20-25 years people who stay in this stage.. because this stages is so essential for all of us that’s why we need to spend our time doing better something and we need to invest our time behind society for doing extraordinary work for welfare people..

  8. You have written very important rules about confidence ourselves.I will flow your advice as much as possible for improving myself.

  9. Nice directions. I’m into 20-25.So it”ll help me.I try to lead my life according to this rules. Thank u.

  10. Thank’s a lot for bring up these kind of good topics for us. In category zero i learned a lot specially about writing and known the life of writer. The posts of this category was full fill with information and i enjoyed it. Hopefully all reader of this category will enjoy it.
    Obviously writing is a hard profession and writer lives lonely in his life but a writer a creator. When a lot of people read a writer post then writer forgets his fatigue. A writer can bring up his own thought in through his write.

  11. Eccellent advice, I believe in this sentence that experience can express real thing. By reading this post I have uderstood the meaning of that sentence. Seriously every advice which have been mentioned here are too much important for life. If you want to make your life more beautiful and meaningful, you don’t need to think about others discussion. Many people have around us who love us. So you should think about them and do something for everyone.

  12. Thanks vaia, It’s a decent advice for us. Reading habits really help us to understand anything easily. and aslo make us confident when we can finish to read a big post.

  13. Outstanding write for are right to said,which our goal set up give obstacles.then we don,t stop goal.i know every good done must be come obstacles.this is real life.which there from will back.i seem that that is person they wil can successd.

  14. Those are simple but valuable word specially for young. One line is very important for me,” just focus your own work. ” this is a great weapon for making shine. Thanks

  15. Those are simple but valuable word specially for young. One line is very important for me,” just focus your own work. ” this is a great weapon for making shine.

  16. Every sentence is highly valuable for the youths. Really very splendid suggestion. The youths should emulate them sincerely to make their life worthy. thank you so much for this incomparable suggestion.

  17. thanks a lot bro for ur splendid post.. reading is the best habit but I don’t know.. I like read, when I start read a novel,then I finished it,otherwise I can’t, I don’t read leisure time spent this group.

  18. Ratan Kumar Roy

    now I believe it that I can learn English sooner and later. because I am doing hard work and have with my patient. I will try to do my best.

  19. Mode MAHMUDA khatun

    Vhaia…I like this post very much. you truely speaking .I appreciate your ideology. Realy awesome.

  20. Thanks a lot of sir for your valuable advice.
    I seem that this post is very essential and helping us who persons want to be a success man as like me.

  21. Rashed talukder

    I seem to that they wanna revenge causes in this year 20-25. they can not cool theirs mind and brain.

  22. Thanks for your good suggestion . i want to follow your suggestion. i think every students should read attentively. i will help our future life how can decorate it. i also believe honesty can bring happiness. Every person should honest in our life . On the other hand many people want to destroy our future . we should keep patience. we should not revenge our pragmatic life. If we keep patience and hard labor sooner we get success.

  23. Thank you sir for your advise. Well, in my case what I have found difficult is that I really don’t know what I want to do in life. I think there is no talents in me.I know it sounds really stupid but I just can’t help it. Or maybe I have talents but even I don’t know what is it and how to find it or develop it. But there is one thing that I have is believe. I believe in myself. I don’t know what would be my career but I know that whatever I would do I would be succeeded.

  24. Tasfia Tabassum

    What an incomparable advice it is! It is really exceptional from other post. As a student, I think these direction will change our life. I m into 20-25 years old. I think it is the best suggestion for me. I have already captured in my mind which u have said in post. That is- ‘ Believe in ur dream strongly ‘.
    I think if any young person maintain these rule, he definitely will overcome in his every step.

  25. As I am 23 it was best for me. reading section will improved then writing section. stay to be honest but our society too cruel to become an honest person. work for other can bring happiness in our life so we should try our best.

    the excellent point is that don’t be afraid to dream. it was best. man live with dream. so we need to clying to our dream. hope we tryour best success will come todays or tomorrow.

    Thanks a lot sir. this post impressed me so much. you write t to yoir experience so it is beautiful. wants more advice like this…

  26. Sonia Islam khan

    These post is so helpful for young generation. Which obey this rules they prosper in their life.

  27. Rashed Talukder

    this articles has black power. we need find it. there have that rules can change a writers life. not only writers everyone can change his/her own life. there have every advice is most important and assential. build reads habit, enjoy own work, try to good job for peoples and so on. I also think that a writers have should first to be a good reader.

  28. Obviously this is precious advice for me because I am in 20-25 ages people.I have endeavoured to take this seriously because it will change my life if I take this as a life chaging thing.. Basically I did not conflict or fight to other people who are distrub or fed up with me.I always avoid those type of situation.So that I can lead my lifr without any problem

  29. Outstanding writing! actually you write for youth.but I am 30 up.Though I am 30 up but my mind alwaye feel youth it’s necessary for me.Yes, I feel that it’s the high time to take proper decision and try to work hard of our level best.we should be belive strongly that we must be reach our goal. we are celling hard working until touch our dream.we mind another thing when we fixed our target,itr seems that no ones get suffer for that’s targets.

  30. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Really important suggetions for right ages man.At the age 20-25 are the best period for make a base of career.So if any 20-25 ages man follow you I am sure he will be able to make a better future.

  31. Sir, I salute your observation. Your each and every words are very effective for our life. I saw many times you have to face Vajal. But, Never ever you try to take revenge against their activities. Rather, You advised us “Do not bother about the persons who create problem for you. Do not try to take revenge or fight back. Just focus on your own development and you will outgrow and outshine them sooner or later.”

    Thank you sir for your nice suggestion.

  32. It is The most reading article of zero category. I’m inspired & motivated by reading this article. All of the point that you refer in this article is very significance for all kind of people specially 20-25 ages person. Really you are a legend sir who given such a helpful advice for us. May you long live. You are deserve more then thanks

  33. great mentor , Acctually that , 20-15 age among of people what who will be this adivice i
    with hart and soul believe that he / she be success sooner or later . i am 24. As, i am 24 so i have to folllow above some advice .But in this age hardly people will be obeyed

  34. I’m 31 but still far away from my dream or desire. I’m a teacher and earned enough. But I wish become successful in another sector. I’m trying hard to touch my desire. Thanks for this encouraging article.

  35. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    Few days ago I read 10 motivational advice of famous American presenter Opera winfre in Prothom Alo newspaper..But I lost the paper and I was upset for this..But after reading your advice,my regrading has gone away..Jajhakallah Sir…

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