Sir Isaac Newton


Newton was also a man of versatile quality. He was physicist, mathematician, astronomer, alchemist, and natural philosopher in a row. His contribution in the development of science is a special one. He I best known for his explanation of Universal Gravitation and three laws of motion, and he was able to prove that the reason of both the motion of objects on Earth and of celestial bodies are controlled by the same Neutral laws. These findings could make a revolutionary change in the development of science. In mechanical science his great contribution was in optics. He could make a reflecting telescope. He also made some research on light and stars. His research on General binomial Theorem helped to be introduced today’s Calculus.

Newton was born to a farmer family but before three months of his birth his father died and then he was brought up to his maternal grandmother as her mother remarried. Newton could show his talent from his early life in The King’s School in Grantham and later he joined to the Cambridge University where he took his higher degrees.

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  1. Wow..great scientists who invented motion law by showing Apple garden to fall apple from tree to field …thanks a lot sir for reminding me this great scientists

  2. Sir Issac Newton, the name which reminds the 3 laws of motion. I’m surprised to know his background. He was from a broken family but he didn’t let to break his talent

  3. This famous scientist is very familiar with his invention of three laws of motion. very beautiful description about this great man. thank you.

  4. He is holding some extraordinary talent from childhood and express this by his working. .

  5. It was great to known about a great scientist who was invented motion laws and gravity laws.. He was a man of letter.

  6. hmn

  7. Sir isaac newton is another name of sciece.I was heard his name in my childhood,inspite of coming poor family and his early age he lost his father although he has struggle a lot in his life and make his name a greatest scientist all over the world.

  8. Newton very famous scientic.I read newton theory. General science subject theory class nine maybe

  9. Sir Isaac Newton was another one versatile contributon.he had one of them explanation of universal Gravitation three laws of motion. from the article we can know about his childhood life. he was losed her parents but he had never stopped this reasons.

  10. I’m became very glad to read about sir issac newton.

  11. I’m becan very happy to read about sir issac newton.

  12. Sir you are extraordinary man.You know many many things.How many I am reading your post I am astonishing more.How possible to a man to know about all sided famous person!!!!!!!

  13. Sir Issac Newton, is the great man and famous scientist.He little age loss her preants but he never stop your struggle.

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