Sir Don Bradman


Sir Don Bradman is a name which represents the passion and art of cricket. This Australian legendary master cricketer is undoubtedly the best in the history of cricket. He could take cricket to such a height where Bradman is set as a king ruling others in the cricket world. He symbolizes a model of a batsman in the cricketing point of view. It is worthless to add an adjective before his name as every attempt will be in veil. With an enormous average of 99.94 in test cricket he could score 6996 and if he could score just 4 runs in his last international innings his total runs would be 7000 and most importantly his average would be 100! However, he has been dismissed without scoring a single run in that innings which is one of the greatest and most talked issue in the world cricket. He has the then record of 29 centuries and he used to carry out those hundreds to a larger figure frequently. He could score a century in every three innings at an average. His is the first and one of the second batsmen who has two triple centuries. Sir Don is one of the five Cricketers of the Century according to Wisden. Analyzing a number of things statistician Charles Davis find out that Bradman is the Athletic figure who is followed by Pele, Ty Cobb, Jack Nicklaus, Michael Jordan and Bjonn Borg.

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32 thoughts on “Sir Don Bradman”

    1. cricket is a favourite game in the world..we could not found out a man who did not like cricket. some legendary cricketer has changed in cricket history.. one of the greatest cricketer is sir don bradman. he was a real hero in cricket history.I did,t saw enthusiastic cricketer like him.. he is proud of cricket and also proud of Australian cricket history.. we don’t know what we get a cricketer like him

  1. i know farily about his.really,he had one of the greatest batseman within criket world.his had outstanding average.everymatch he got it possible..?? but i seem that all possible had by his.

  2. kamrul hasan

    He was the most artistic cricketer in his time. Cricket started to become popular with his god gifted hand. He is one of the greatest legends in world cricket for all time. I am really happy to go through the biography of this legend cricketer. thank you.

  3. Sir Don Bradman is one of the greatest cricketers in the cricket history. it’s season any cricketer don’t compare with him.

  4. Nice to know about this legendary batsman. I don’t know much about cricket and cricketers.From this article,I could learn about this great cricketer.

  5. Sir don breadmen is a great person in world icc history. His a supper hero to all country cricketers. And I think our national all cricketers and all icc players are following him .

  6. Sir Don Bradman Was A great Stylish Cricket Player. He Played Such A superb looking Shorts
    He Was Top Most Dependable Cricket Player In the Team Australia. Most Of the Bowlers Were Fear to do Bowling To Him.

  7. shahidur rahman rana

    There is no doubt sir Don Bradman is a great batsman in the world of all time. But it is very sad that he had not filled 7000 thousands run. All the people look after his last match and he will fill 7000.But he is unfortunate person.

  8. I ain’t fond of sports thats why I haven’t any idea about this legend. From each article I’m storing infomation in term of knowledge. Thank you.

  9. Rashed Talukder

    cricket is a widely famous and enjoyable game in the world.Don Bradman one of famous, great and best player of the cricket. the 20tth centuries legend player Don Bradman. he was born 27 august 1908 in austrelia and died 25 february 2001 at home. till now he is no one player whose test average 99.94. could not averaged 100 only for 4 runs.
    our Bangladesh was not good play few years ago.but now Bangladesh playing good. and oneday, test and T20 cricket has rangking one is achieve our famous player Shakib al hasan.

  10. I havent enough idea about sports, so I dont know his name before. but reading about him from this I am just have a thought about his unfilled score that was less than 7000. thank you.

  11. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Only I knew the name of Don Bradman.Where the discuss about cricket there the present of Bradman.Cricket world Don Bradman going together.

  12. khobayab parci

    i heard the name don mardman at 1st . however he has played so good . he is winner win a lot of century

  13. I’m not interesting in cricket even in sports. I know just about cricket how to get run and hot to do out thats it .don’t laugh after reading my cmnt .I’m literally like this .however i knew about a great cricketer and his successfull by reading this post

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