Short description of my 48th workshop

Hey friends , how are you? Hope , you are well by the grace of Almighty Allah . Alhamdulilah , I am very well too.

well friends, a commendable leader voice I have heard while I have joined, guess who was she /he?Yes, our  Jannat apu was talking about  reading  practice and sir also added some points in this session like this.

Though recent all the posts are very much longer, sir make it short by writing part by part and told us that if someone do practice regularly then it will be easy like water. Then sir suggested us some tips such as.

-Read from websites rather than PDF

-Build a habit to browser in website because all the job in this times are in website

– If you do not understand one thing then you should read more

– if you are a job holder than you should find out your time as your based but who are was student or jobless , they can read more time as you can.

Then Nazmum apu, who is a superb women, said she is taking 100 days challenges . Along with  her huge responsibility , she is a also writer of E-learning E book and tries to read daily news paper .

Tajmin apu who is very busy and passing a times in under pressure of her business . Still she is reading 13 days task. Apu told her to take space and practice in her time schedule.

Tanzila apu expressed her condition with a sweet vice that sue to her exam , she could not able to give times in reading . Within someday, her in course exam will start . Jannat apu wanted to know which type of question was in Dhaka university exam . Alhamdulilah friends, That’s brilliant mate we have. Congratulations apu for selection MBA program where all questions were in English .

Apu shared her English reading journey where she was forced to join in SEG and workshop . To continue workshop , she build a reading habit . Because you know friends , in our every workshop we must report to our mentor about our reading. Where apu find interesting in reading where she takes it as a game. Try to complete one level and move on another . So start you reading journey friends and be a lover of search English.  Tanzila apu gave all credits to sir and SEG for creating such wonderful platform. Sir was also happy and told her to continue .

For Tanzila apu’s success, Tajmin apu expressed her feelings about her friend success. Apu was very happy. She informed us that she was college mate and also participated coaching with her where  they were very much frustrated after taking a English assignment .

Noyon vai who is superb speaker and you may have noticed his posts in search English. Vai is very much confidence that he will do sometime from his home like to be a content writer .

Our super speaker Lipi sd apu who  was happy to hear such good news of our mates. Apu told us that she has build a strong reading habits where she is continuously doing professional words after reading.  She becomes more confident and have a faith in herself that she will do something in her future. She has completed her writing part of E-book by getting times from different websites.

Md. Siam Khan vai who tells us that due to his job condition , he could not get much times in English practice . Vai was seeking suggestion for this regards . Sir told him to give at least 2 hours to practice  but maybe success will be come lately but its works.

Mohammad Ismaile vai who is doing his practice according to Sir’s instructions . he tries to read at least 2 hours along with his academic reading . Sir suggested him to give at least 10 days in just English , then he will be fond his academic reading .

Nurun Naher apu who was our newbie . She joined with us because she wants to read . She is a housewife and maybe her age about 40 years . So she was confused that in this times , how English will help . Sir told her that our another member Shahera banu apu who was very weak in English . After a great efforts , Mam is now another success history . Sir told her to be skilled in English like taking a target to read newspaper within 10 minutes or speaking like a fluent speaker . Nurun mam told us that she also takes 100 days challenges and she is becoming confident .

Md Sima khan vai was reading category post where sir told him to continue only category post rather than  100 days challenges . Sobuj vai who was also new member (maybe ) . He is reading Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University. He told us that he was frustrated to see his English skills . But joining search English group , he takes 100 days challenges and becomes more confident . Sir told him that if her has no exam in near by , He should involve in  at least 1 month in English .

Salma Akter apu who joined in search English group last November but today she joined first time in workshop . She is joined from Dhaka . She is a honors 3rd year student . She informed us that she is our freelancer . Due to her English , she suffered a lot in her job place. Sir told her to continue this workshop f she has no financial problem .

Moriam apu was very happy that she can read fastly along with her child disturbance . I was smiling by hearing her voice that she told us that within 16 days, she feels her that changes then what will be happen after 100 days. Jannat apu was happy to hear this .

Thank you friends … Workshop is going on and our mates are speaking .  Now I am speaking with Mojjammel vai .

What are you doing ??


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