Shipra Debnath: Against all Odds

I am very happy to see the improvement of Shipra Debnath apu. She has been trying a lot for the last 3 and a half months. She does not have any desktop or laptop and she does not have a lot of free time either. Still, she has tried her best and if she can continue this way then she will have bright future.
I felt very happy after reading her comment:
Yes bro you are absolutely right after follow this group many of us in this case i want to including only me improving day by day ands its happened naturally. trust me or not few days ago i couldn’t wrrite one sentence in english for my fear and hasition but when following you,your advise,your inspirational post,your lovely search english group, naturally i am forgetting my all fear,shyness now i can also wrrite something in english with a lot of fallibility. but its a matter of great regret i get little bit time to practice here sometimes i badly miss my preactice session. when i feel free that i try to come this group and try to my level best put comments in this group.this group is really helpful for us as usual as our future dream.thanks a lot bro for creat such like an amzing platform for us where we are practicing with spontaneously:)

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17 thoughts on “Shipra Debnath: Against all Odds”

  1. She is in good position now. For her steadiness she overcome her English phobia. Now her writing is outstanding.

  2. wow, I like most her post..always I try to read her by day increasing her activities and ability..shipra apu..

  3. kamrul hasan

    yes, she is very devoted,consistent, diligent, assiduous, enthusiastic, passionate and determined learner in search English group. Now she is very sparkling writer in this group. Her diversified writings make me astonished. She has improved a lot within very short time through her incessant efforts.

  4. Rashed Talukder

    I never see shipra apu, I believe it. because in search english group has magical machine what have always delivering magical power like abdul ahad, konok baran chakma, asmot ali, special anu sarkar, mehnaz api also shahera apu many successful members. and naturally, Razib Ahmed sir this Magician who control the machine. the group has not only shipra apu, here have more members are build own career and skills gradually. but there main think that patients, regularity, and activitys absent nothing to get you.

  5. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    First of all congratulation to SHIPRA DEBNATH DIDI for her remarkeble comment which mentioned by our sir .Before joining this group I didn’t write anything on a open platform.But now for your very tight policy I am now writing lots.I don’t care now of my fear,mistake and shameless.I think if I try lot with the helping of this platform I will be able to write correct and more sentences in future.

  6. I dont know sipra apu personally but her in her writings. She is so active in the group specially in commenting. Commenting method that has a magical touch for which we can easily learn.

  7. after reading this passage i should be like her. i feel fear when i try to write something.
    i have to overcome this problem so i need to give more and more effort on writings.
    i am very lazy to read or write something.if i donot get rid of this problem i could never be
    what i this case i should be more active

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