Sharat Chandra Chatterjee (1876-1938): The most popular Bengali novelist

Today, I like to write about Sharat Chandra, the most famous novelist in Bangla (Bengali) literature. Actually, if I am not wrong then Sharat Chandra is perhaps the most famous novelist of South Asia. His novels have been translated into many major languages of South Asia and in India his novels especially Devdas has been made into movies in some languages. It seems that Bollywood loves Sharat Chandra and Devdas as there have been 3 movies in Bollywood based on this novel.
Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay had to struggle a lot in his early life because of the death of his parents. Fortunately, after finishing his studies in school he could go to college for two years. After that his life was full of struggle for a long time. At that time many Bengalis went to Rangoon (now Yangoon) capital of Burma (Myanmar) which was a part of British Empire. Sarat Chandra worked in the government service as an ordinary clerk for some time. He was a gifted writer and he kept his habit of writing all through his life. He wrote some short and long stories that became famous but it was in novel that he showed his skills best. His novels earned him fame and fortunate- both. At that time, no writer could think of having a decent life style by writing alone. Sarat Chandra first successfully broke this barrier as his novels became commercially successful. He was perhaps the first writer in Bangla literature to be accepted by people from every class of the society. His depiction of Bengali society is unmatched by any writer before or after him. His female characters are still considered to be the role model for women in Bengali society.
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  1. Great sir..really, he is the greatest novelist but he never wrote any poem ..thanks a lot giving his biography

  2. Great to know about this mighty legend of Bangla literature. He is one of my favourite writer. I am read her quite a novel.

  3. I like to say about sharat chandra because his literature is excellent..

  4. As like most of the writer Sharat Chandara had to pass very poor life. Though he was a clerk but he never stop his writing.

  5. His every novel is very popular in Bengali literature. very wonderful article about this renowned novelist. thank you.


  7. Comment*Sharat chandra is one of my favorite novelist. I was read his Devdas. Really it is a very tragic novel. I also read his other novel and sort story’s. He all time used easy word in his novel and sort story’s.

  8. One of my most favorite novelists. Thanks

  9. There are many important things we are learned about tnohis topic. Sharat Chandra is very popular novelist in our country.

  10. Nice to know about the famous novelist Sharat babu. There is a famous song regarding Sharat chanda and its created character, which is ‘শরৎ বাবু খোলা চিঠি দিলাম তোমার কাছে’. I have watched the Debdas movie also. It’s heart touchy tragedy movie.

  11. So many information about Sharat Chandra Chatterjee, I get from this article & easily to read it.Thanks Razib vai.

  12. By reading this post,i have could to know many information about Shorot babu,thanks# Razib sir

  13. Sharat Chandra Chatterjee is my favorite Writer . i want to Read his all novels. I think i will finish rapidly.

  14. I read some book of this writer and sister related all. ..
    His writing is totally different and i think in bangla literature his contribution is undescribable

  15. Devdash is one of my favourite novel I read.

  16. I read all of his writings from “sharatchandra rochonasomogro” after completing my hsc exam.his “devdash”,”boro didi” mejo didi”, polli somaj” are the best

  17. Dharat Chandra is famous writer in bangla literature. His wtting literature is so highly thoted.

  18. he was a popular writer and present too. I read dabdas, dotta. it was amazing.

  19. Shartchanro is a big novelist.I like so much Sarat chandars nobel.

  20. He is one of the greatest bangalee novelist…

  21. sure sir. he is one of the first categories popular poet.I read his one famous novel “Debdas”. long time ago I read this novel. but still that what I read on that time. its really more interesting novel. this novels have romance, tragedy also differents life. I would like to say that of all reader try to read this novel. its more interesting. already created a bollywood film taken with this novel history. bollywood actor sharukh khan acts this film.

  22. I like him so much ,specially noren the hero of the novel named “datta” and the heroin nane bejoya is my favourite .more over i read his several short story .he is a magnificent writer.

  23. Deb das is the most popue novel in our country and India.Satart Chandra Chatterjee was much legend.I also love his novel.Sir thanks for share this topic.

  24. Datta is my favourite novel…i like both characteristic so much…

  25. In my student life I read “Grihodaho”another novel of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay which main charecter name was “Ochola” .From his writing I imagined our socity.Actually I am agree with you that he was an another famus novelist of South Asia.

  26. Sharat Chandra Chattapaddhay is a great Novelist in the world.I read some of his novel.I think he is just know the mind of reader.How he depict his word in his novel? I really like him so much and love his all work.Devdas one of his famous novel we already know that.I didn’t read Davdas but i saw the movie.The central character of the movie is Dev da and parvati.They just play a good role in this movie.

  27. Sharat Chandra chttopadhay is the greatest novelist of Bangali literature. His Famous novel Dabdas and Sreekanto was very much popular and still now. So People who want to be a writer he/she can follow his novels/writing.

  28. frist read this article now i try to write this article’s summary

    Sharat chandra chttopadhay have been lost his parent in childhoodlive so he had to do alot struggle . after his school life completed he read to able collage . In brtish Empire took a govement job as a clerk. form then he stared writing . he has earned both fortune and image .

  29. Thanks Sir..From many days,I’m hearing the word debdash and we use it for those men who become fail in lovd..But I didn’t know that it is the best novel of Sorot Chandro…

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