Sharat Chandra Chatterjee (1876-1938): The most popular Bengali novelist (2)

(In the last post I discussed briefly about Sarat Chandra Chatterjee. Today, I like to post the second part of the article.)
Why Sarat Chandra Chatterjee is so popular? It is not very difficult to answer this question. Among Bengali novelists, he could first depict social issues and everyday life that touch the ordinary people. His heroes are not exactly demigods. They come from middle class background. His heroines are not raving beauty too. They are very ordinary people like the boy or the girl next door. Of course, they have something extraordinary in them or else the readers would not become engrossed with the novels of Sarat Chandra Chatterjee. All his characters possess inner strength to an admirable level. That is why they are attractive. In the novels, they do not try to achieve something great- rather their achievements are limited to the aspirations of ordinary life. Their tragedies are like that too.
In his attempt to draw attention of the readers to the social problems, Sarat Chandra Chatterjee can be easily compared with Charles Dickens. Sarat Chandra spoke defiantly against the caste system among Hindus and abuse and discrimination against women in most of his novels and short stories. He called for having a humanistic approach towards marriage and family life. He faced bitter criticism from the Orthodox Hindus for this but he never stopped writing what he believed.
(More discussions will follow about this great writer in the coming days too.)
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22 thoughts on “Sharat Chandra Chatterjee (1876-1938): The most popular Bengali novelist (2)”

  1. Great motivational post about him. surely he is greart for his writing. but every single successful person have a struggle background in there life. Thank you vaia for giving this post

  2. Sharat Chandra always draws and presents the insimilarity of our society in his literature. He fight against this discrimination.

  3. In manner of speaking, I didn’t know more about sarat chandra chetterji.
    but your continue writing help me to know sarat chandra chetterji.

  4. shojib Rahman

    Sharat Chandra Chatterjee is one of the most Novelist in my eyes all language. He always write good about our Rural people and described Our society condition.

  5. Rashed Talukder

    I do not read more novels of sharat chandra chatterje. soam I can not write about his logic. but I could knew summery of his life from that article. this article have main point that he had written against discrimination among hindus. and he had also written taken with ordinary peoples life. so we can say, he is still in every categories peoples mind.

  6. He is a great writer ,i fall in love with him when i was in class 9 ,i love his novel character such as bijoya ,shorosy,noren ,madhubi.i forgot all of them name bt i also feel now the taste of that story .he will live in bangoli literature and our heart

  7. I could not read the novel of Sarat Chandra chatterjee but heard many times some part of his life I can’t write about the writer.How I get the novel of Satat Chandra chatterjee.

  8. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    His writing was the real picture of our society of that period.He wrote on all types of social issues.I read his book more than othr writer.So I am happy to read here about him and I think you also like him than the other famus writer of Bengali.

  9. After read this post i search him on google.I know a lot of things about him as i didn’t know before about him.I really blessed to know that.He is a prominent writer of bengal.He just depict his work in his every novel, short story.I really respect him so much.Thank you Razib sir for give me a chance to know about this prominent writer.You are really a good hero.You just try to give us every topic that it will help us to spread our knowledge.

  10. Sharatchandra Chatto padhaay wrote most of the stories is social injustice family injustice. For this reason his stories are touch hour heart. That’s why he is popular. There is no way to deny that his writing has been rich our Bagla literature.

  11. sharat Chandra chatto pashay is most popular novelist in south asia . In his novel he wrote discrimination of Hundu and other caste , And discrimation of women . he was one of novelist that considered of social of ordinary and all grade . his is writting was criticised after that he never stop he was continued his writting .

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