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Most of us are weak in English and many people may laugh at our writing. Well, we are writing here because we are weak. If we were good then surely we would have started writing in The Daily Star or The Independent. Let others laugh and we are fine with it. I have realized a very simple thing in life- if you want to move ahead then you has to ignore what others say. You have to keep on moving forward.

When it comes to writing in English, I think that Four steps are very important. They are equally important and they are connected to each other. I am writing about them.

  1. Overcoming fear and shame: This is the most important part. Almost everyone around you in real life and in virtual world (like Facebook) will make fun of you. They will criticize you happily. This is the reason why Search English is such a great platform to start practicing. We recommend all the new comers to spend the first one week here just writing comments in every post. You must give as much time as possible in this stage.
  2. Speed and Fluency: Partho Protim Majumder now can write 20 posts a day in English. He could not write even 4 posts just 4 months ago. His speed has increased so much he can now write 5 times more. You must not be lazy at this stage and give as much time as possible.
  3. Grammar and Accuracy: When you are not afraid or ashamed of English anymore and when you can easily write 2000 words a day then you will start reading English grammar seriously. Partho vai is going to start it from next week. I already have made a list 30-35 books for him and he will finish them in just 5 months. At this stage, you do not need to give so much time as you already feel comfortable with English language.
  4. Quality matters: Yes, now, you can focus on improving your quality of writing. It comes through reading English literature books, read content of some quality media of USA and UK etc. When you have reached to this level then you will understand what to do and how to increase your quality.

At Search English, we never promote any short cut. We never state that you will become a top class student within 3 months. We advise everyone to stay with us seriously for one year. This is the message we regularly give. So, be with us in this bhejal free platform and enjoy your time.

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  1. Really, search English is a vejal free platform and anyone can practice here without fear and shy. Because there have not any member who criticise you for your mistake and your wrong writing. And it is the great benefit for you. I stay here for just one month and after one month practicing I have seen my improvement by myself. Even before one month ago,I couldn’t write one sentence in English but now, I can write 15-20 sentence within very short time. So you have to take decision that whether you want to increase your writing skill or not. It is proved that if you can spend here just one month,then you will be a pretty writer undoubtedly.

  2. I think our narrow minded society thinking is responsible for these barrages which make us shamed,timid and reluctant in learning English.We all know that Learning doesn’t require any age.Learning can be possible for all in all ages with anything.English is just a language nothing else more.As it is an International language so obviously with up-to-dated world to be smarter than previous in every sector of communication we should be proficient in English. To be proficient in English we have to practice a lot to gain the skilled on this and when we’ll go to practice we should remain in our mind that we have to give up all kinds of shyness,unwillingness,hesitation and inertia first.

  3. a nice guidance about writing and its improvement. Thanks

  4. absolutely right vaia, when we get fluency in English then everything look so easy for us. and now reading contents from reading sections our reading and writing skill also improving in quality prospect.

  5. Yes I am agree.

  6. In this group we get all auspicious weather for practicing without any shame or vejal. English group is the boon for us..I am very greatfull for this

  7. Shortcut??! No ways. No one can renowned using the technique shortcut. You have mentioned four crucial points fir beginners, those are highly effective.

  8. For your powerful guideline we will able to go far away and even i hope that i will write any post within short time.this time is not so far..

  9. yes sir I will stay here in search English at least one year.Because it will change myself and also my career that’s no doubt. Because, I already get success in some parts of life. Insha allah it will 100% part of my life. so,I’m trying to be good at in English.

  10. absolutely vaia. The more we give time in search English the more we become skilled. it’s a platform where is no vejal. There is only a simple way that just practice and be the perfect.

  11. You identified the obstacles of a weak learner.So this four steps is very important for every writer. We have to move forward without hesitation and fear.So if a weak learners comment here regularly then s/he will overcome the natural obstacles for learning english.

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