SAARC Summit 2010: Bhutan Comes Under the Spotlight

Except Indian Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, the other leaders from the region have already arrived in Bhutan for the 2010 SAARC Summit. I wish that there was some information about the Summit in the SAARC website. Anyway, this time, the event is taking place in Thimphu, Bhutan. Thimphu is a small city with just around 100,000 people. Naturally, it does not have the necessary infrastructures to accommodate such a big event. For example, it has become some sort of a logistic nightmare to accommodate nearly 300 journalists who are going to cover the event. Naturally, all the journalists will not be able to gather at the same time at the same place to collect news.

You may wonder why so many journalists have come to collect news. Well, SAARC Summit 2010 is a very important event for the 8 countries of South Asian region. This event has national importance for countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. All these 3 countries have flourishing and vibrant media.

Of course, the media people will focus mainly on the Summit. However, I think that some of them will try to know about Bhutan more and write about the different aspects of the country. For example, if I could go there, I would perhaps write more about Bhutan than the SAARC Summit. I am attracted towards this country and its people a lot. I hope that with this Summit, we will know a lot about Bhutan and its people.


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13 thoughts on “SAARC Summit 2010: Bhutan Comes Under the Spotlight”

  1. SAARC is an important organisation for our country.So attending more journalist in SAARC summit 2010 is normal. So it was a mooted news sir.Thank you .

  2. I wonder why SAARC website don’t updates information. SAARC summit is definitely important for our country.

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  3. Loneliness naiym

    I fancy I would know about all the nation of south asia.For this reason I have to improve a lot in English.Because I want to know it in english language. Its my another dream. I’m hopeful that I could know it sooner or later. insha alllah. Before joining here I had no interest about knowing a countries. Search english has changed my asprcts.Its has opened my eyes. I want to know about all the counteries. Because it has increased my knowledgea.The more I read about many countries the more I know.It also helps me to be good in Gk. And it also helps me to my jobs exam in writing and interview.In 80% jobs interview,the interviewer ask about many counteirs specially about South Asia.I want to be a BCS cader. In BCS exam many question are coming about many counteris.Bbesides, it also helps me to know about there culture. And I also dream that I will travel in many countries in it will be a bonus point to know about there culture.

  4. Rashed Talukder

    SAARC summit 2010 rendered Thimphu, Bhutan. SAARC is a mejor organisation of south Asia. SAARC has comprised 8 asian countries. there have India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldhip, Sri Lanka annd Afganistan. few years ago SAARC had consist 7 countries without afganistan. and after afganistan comprised to the organisations. Basically, the SAARC conference’s have internal country members are discuss about countries iinternal and external problem and contractually they help each other.. so we can say clearly SAARC is aa helpful organisation.

  5. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Sometimes I astonished to read your post because for your multidimentional thinking and writing.It;s great.

  6. The South asian association for regional cooperation(SAARC) was established in 8 december 1985. The founder of the association was the former president of bangladesh Major Ziaur Rahman. The members of the assiciation are Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Vuthan, Maldiv, Srilanka and Afganistan.

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