Rejection and Failures: Best Friends of A Freelance Writer

We do not like rejections in life. We also want to become successful. However, if you are a freelance writer then you should be mentally prepared for both of them. First of all, you will send you writings to many newspapers, magazines and publishers and it is normal that you will get rejected in your early years of your freelance career. This happens to majority of them.

Failure is no way better than rejection. You write something with a lot of efforts and then your readers did not like it. Of course, you have to be persistent and continue. Laziness will never take you far. Today, I read a cover story in a computer magazine and I realized that the person who wrote it did it in a very lazy fashion. He did not do any research and this way it became a very bad cover story. It is bad for both the writer and the magazine.

You should not be like this if you wan to become a successful writer. You have to remember that it is a long and tough process. You need all the mental energy and dedication.

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18 thoughts on “Rejection and Failures: Best Friends of A Freelance Writer”

  1. Thanks a lot i have started to use two phone together ..for reading section and another phone writing ..please pray for me…i know after two hours, my one phone will shut down ..but i try to do more works.

  2. Thank you vaia for your wonderful advice. I am seeing dream that we will become a writer or a freelancer and SE are helping us a lot for preparing to take those challenges.

  3. Md rajon molla

    really everything not possible easy . everything is heard . just keep it up. then you success . really every man need dedication .

  4. There are ups and downs in a writer’s career. There are also rejections and successes in a writer’s career. we should be mentally prepared to face all of them. Sometimes we have to go through a difficult situation but we should have firm belief on ourselves to pass the all difficulties.

  5. Rejection and failure, success comes through our life step by step.As a writer we should handle all of things with tactfully..

  6. Rejection, failure, success comes through our life step by step.As a writer we should handle all of things with tactfully..

  7. Very pragmatic article. Nothing can be gained without any effort. Who will try persistently and continuously only be the winner.

  8. Loneliness naiym

    A proverb goes that “Faliur is the piller of success “. For getting success we have to work hard. If we can do it then sooner or later we could be successful thats no doubt.
    But we have to keep patience.Because to get success in freelancing sector we have to suffer a lot. I heard it from onee of my friemd that its difficult work for thos people who don’t keep patience.thet have to be persistent.Then they will go in the peak of success.

  9. Rashed Talukder

    fails kind of a teach. as much fail is teach you a lot. and this learn is pure and real education. some failure is fall down his own position. few persons are can change their life. blogs have need a lot of effective power. there every posts have to be meaningful, and needed. otherwise, gradually decreasing popularity.

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