Printed Book or Ebook: Which is better?

Even today, by the term book, we mainly understand printed books on paper. Yes, ebooks in digital format is making in roads and is getting more and more in circulation but still, most people do not have that much good idea about it. So, there is some mistrust.

I like ebooks more than printed books because first of all they are much cheaper. Secondly, they are always available in your PC or internet. Others cannot steal them. You cannot think of any free book but in Internet there are many ebooks free of charge. In fact, most of the English classic books are free to download from some websites. When I was a university student, 10-15 years ago, we used to buy Penguin classics and now, I can find all of them free online.

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20 thoughts on “Printed Book or Ebook: Which is better?”

  1. Right vaia, E -book isn’t expensive like printed book. We can download it with a little amount compare to printed book. and also it’s so easy to find out a book from Internet and from library sometimes it’s really tough to find the book that we have interest. So E-book makes easy to read book but I have more interest to read printed book.

  2. Md rajon molla

    we are fail this side . because many book have internet .
    But not have essential bangle book. Example Now i am do Bs c
    but internet have lot of English writer. but no any book bangle writer.
    this side we are very morrow.

  3. right sir, we read many books easily from ebook..when we go to another place, then we read here and there..its so comfortable tmfor us.

  4. I was not used to reading ebooks but nowadays the situation is changing. Now I am becoming accustomed to reading ebooks and I am feeling quite good by going through them.

  5. I know the positive sides of ebook and like to read it. Even though a fascination works for printed book.

  6. Everyone feel comfort to read printed book. bt reader like me who is student can not buy all book which they want to read is hundred time better E-book than printed i can easily read book when i want which i want.

  7. Getting ebook is more easier then printed book.we can get our necessary knowledge from ebook easily. Sometimes we don’t find necessary printed book at library but we get ebook easily.
    I also like ebook.

  8. This is absolutely right that printed books are expensive then ebooks. I am already adicted to read books in online.

  9. Palash Sarker

    I prefer e-book than paper book. Reading through Kindle e-book reader is so much fun as it is light and easy to carry, browse-able, and also for its dictionary assistance. We may go through other’s thoughts/comments/notes and explanation of some points by going through web link. Penguin Classic are copyright free and we can have massive collection in our e-book reader.

  10. Loneliness naiym

    Right, Ebook books is better than Printed books. Because,ebook is free of cost. Those who don’t have money to buy printed books they can download ebook.It also a good detection that it will carry in anywhere and anyplace. Sometimes we feel bored to carry printed books in anywhere and anyplace.Then,we can eassily carry ebook with our mobile. Then we could read it anywhere and anyplace.sometimes we have to read old academic books to know more but we don’t find it anywhere then we can take it from Internet.. It also a giod detection that if we go to visit any relatives and place then sometimes we passed bored time then we can read novel which gives us much pleasure.But we didn’t take there books then we can download ebooks and read.Its beneficial is much more.

  11. Rashed Talukder

    printed book instead no way to learn any topics when didn’t browes website also present. but now printed books have a alternative to known any topics. so its help us mote. because you can get any wanted matter from ebook. now we are like to read ebook.

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