Pohela Boishak

Pohela Boishak is the first day of Bengali New Year which is celebrated with processions, fairs & family time. People of all social classes celebrate it. The day is a public holiday. In this day everywhere we see colorful things. Girls wear white Sari which is mixed with red combination. They look like an angel because girls decorate themselves with the flower crown and colorful Curi. Boys also wear Punjabi. From Morning to night people roam many places with their nearest & dearest one and also attend different types of cultural programs and fairs. In Pohela Boishak we eat Panta Ilish which is our traditional platter. It is steamed rice soaked in water and served with a fried hilsha fish, dried fish, pickles, green chili, onion etc. Hopefully like every year, we will celebrate our traditional Boishak peacefully in this year.


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  1. Yeah . Pohela boisak is a traditional occasion. Every year I celebrate it with my niece. But now she is so far from me. Now we miss each other.

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