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It has not been long since that a person with black dress was seen running in the football field with his trade mark bald head. If you have not figured out this person yet and if you are a regular spectator of world football then for sure your memory is cheating with you. Yes, I am talking about Pierluigi Collina who is considered universally as the greatest referee or field official in the history of football. This benevolent figure was born in Italy. Though he started his career as a football player in a local team but he could understand his talent in referring. First he officiated in the Serie C1 and C2 matches and very soon he became regular in Serie A, the highest football league in the country. Having officiated in 43 Serie A matches he was included in the list of Fifa referees.

Collina’s first major tournament was 1996 Olympic Games including the final match between Nigeria and Argentina. His involvement in the international tournaments accelerated in the following tournaments including UEFA Champion’s League final in 1999 and most significant World Cup 2002 final between Brazil and Germany. He last appeared in the major tournament in EURO 2004. He had to go for retirement after reaching at 45 which is considered as the retirement official age for Fifa referees. However, the age limitation was raised by one to 46 for the domestic league of Italy by the Italian Football Federation as to show respect to this experienced referee so that he can continue another new season. Pierluigi Collina is regarded as the first celebrity referees in the football world. “Kojak” nicknamed this legendary referee was also included in some of the popular video games including “Pro Evolution Soccer 3” and “Fifa 2005”.

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22 thoughts on “Pierluigi Collina”

  1. kamrul hasan

    very exceptional sharing. The referees always stay behind the scene. I really enjoyed reading this great article. thank you.

  2. Sharmin Shibly

    I was not interested in any game but now a days i understand and interested game and athletic..this athletic name i hear first just for you thanks

  3. shahidur rahman rana

    I don’t show his game and first I know him by this story. Thanks sharing this historical story.

  4. No my memory isn’t betraying with me albeit I newly informed bout this guy. This is because I ain’t a sports lover. However, I’m glad to know about him.

  5. I don’t like outdoor games and I haven’t any knowledge about football. that why I don’t know anything about pierluigi collina.
    Today I know about him through this article. And I feel good to knowing about him.

  6. Rashed Talukder

    I did not heard the names. besically we are watch football match. but do not care about referees. I can not memorize him. but when I watch his video on youtube I can get him.I watched football matched as he was referee at match. he is one of the legend of football careers. FIFA give has fame for his talent. actually we are just enjoy match. if arrange a programme and if ask to summery and few questions there have must have asking what is the name of the match referee? we won’t answer the questions. because we are just enjoy the matches dribble of player and wishes to win of favorite team.
    anyway, by the read the article our mind have becoming a new experienc. thank u sir.

    1. M Shamim Jhenaidah

      Really it’s imagine post. After reading, I had searched his name on you tube and I have got huge knowledge ????

    2. M Shamim Jhenaidah

      Really it’s imagine post. After reading, I had searched his name on you tube and I have got huge knowledge ????

  7. I like specially football. But i didn’t hear this legend name. First time, i heard his name. thanks for sharing important topics.

  8. I really didn’t know his name before reading this article.As a football fan from now I won’t forget this man.

  9. Actually i dont like sports.but i enjoy the football…i never try to know about referee…a little are known by reading this post

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