Personal Success vs Team Success

I have been doing research for it a lot for the last one year. From my childhood, it was my dream to form a team and then lead the team towards success. I always wished and still wish to do something outstanding in life, something exceptional. Well, I think that this project of Search English (The website, the Skype Adda and the Facebook Group) is my biggest achievement in life. Why do I think so? It is because I have been able to create a platform that anyone can use without spending any money.

Secondly, the success rate is very high. It is a very enjoyable place where you can practice English easily. The website contains some good articles in English about different topics of Bangladesh. This was another dream too. I am waiting for the day when we will have around 1,000 articles about different topics of the country. The Facebook group is new but has become very active in just four days.

The platform is there for anyone with Internet connection. We will create audio content and video content in future. With the passing of each day, this platform is growing and we are moving forward.

To be honest, until now, I felt restless and unhappy because I felt that the platform was growing and I was becoming more and more successful but not the participants. I want all the regular participants to become skilled in English so that they can use it for their education and career (job, business or freelancing).

Now, after four months of Skype adda, I have realized that anyone who gives time can become benefited immensely. Mithu Kamal Bhai and Shohel Pervez bhai can speak very well, Manna bhai too. I am confident that they can speak with foreigners. Sultana Mumu apu has improved a lot within a short time. Partho Protim Majumder vai has improved a lot in writing.

So, the success stories are there and I am very happy for it. Now, it is up to them to carry out their mission and continue their practice. If they continue it then they will move forward.

I believe in hard work and honest effort. I have tried my best for this platform (Search English), for the last four months. I am satisfied with the result now. At the end of the day, it is up to you to make the best use of your time.

Since it is a free platform, it will attract many people. I wanted to ensure that everyone becomes skills. However, I have realized that it is impossible for me because I am not God or even God does not force anyone for anything. God has given us free will. So, use your free will and try for learning English. Use your free will to spend 8 hours a day for practicing English.

I will focus on making the platform larger and more useful for everyone. It will always be free for the learners. Sooner or later, we will focus on earning money but not from you. This project or platform will make me successful in life in every way. In fact, I already consider it to be the biggest achievement in my life. It is indeed a unique place for learning in Bangladesh.

I just hope that people can realize the value of this platform and stay with me for a long time. It will change their lives if seriously try for English for one year. I am already successful because for the last 4 months, I tried day and night. Partho Protim Majumder bhai is also going to become successful.

How about you? Will you try?

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18 thoughts on “Personal Success vs Team Success”

  1. Sir, i didn’t two people of these success people …sir i am very busy at outside ..but i try my best to read ..please pray for me..really, search English will be the largest over the world within 2019

  2. By Search English both personal and team success are revealing now a days. The name you have mentioned above are unknown to me except Partho bhai. I think only Partho bhai is trying persistently and therefore showing tremendous improvement.

  3. Yes Sir ,i will try my best…i realized that if i stay with Search English and if i can do the hard working then absolutely i will be benefited..Thank you Sir for creating best platform…

  4. Loneliness naiym

    yes sir,
    I’m trying. Insha allah I could. Because, I have to be good at in English. its my dream. Before joining here I haven’t any specific dream but now I have a dream. That’s is, to be good at in English. and insha allah I could.
    Thanks sir for building up an important platform for us.

  5. obviously vaia. I am trying my best. actually stay here for last 7 month I got so many experience. though I couldn’t improve so much. but I think I can improve mentally and it’s make me strong. so it won’t impossible for to get a big success if I can continue with you and listen yourr all the instructions

  6. congratulation to you vai now you are a very successful mentor in our country you tried very heard for us we will try our best to give you a great success inshaallah

  7. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    I am satisfied to think that now I can understood your big post.It’s my achivement to join here.Thank you sir for create this group.

  8. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    You are right sir.Now your many dreams are going to be true.You are the real dreamer.You are the real successful person.

  9. I want to be a famous person like Mithu Kamal Bhai and Shohel Pervez bhai. I try my best. I think I will success within a short period.

  10. Md. Jahirul Haque

    I feel my reading with understanding improvement day by day. i am happy for this achievement and i hardly try to every day continue my practices.

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