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Today, I have written several posts about Partho Pratim Majumdar vai. I wrote about him because success always brings a kind of sweet feeling in our heart. It is the success of Partho vai but at the same time it is the success of Search English Group too. We all share a part of it. I tried to guide him online. He was with me in Facebook and Skype most of the time.

One of the main reasons he could improve is that he just kept on trying. He just listened to me and did whatever I asked. This is very tough indeed but he felt motivated because of two reasons. First of all, he has already accepted defeat in his life. So, he felt that he could give one last effort in Search English.

Secondly, I could show him his improvement in every step. He could not write more than 500 words a day. Now, he can easily write more than 500 words a day. His writing has improved in every way. He makes fewer grammatical mistakes and he can realize his improvement.

Thus, Partho bhai has started walking on the road to real success in life. He has got a career now. He will earn money, get recognition and become famous too. But for that, he has to continue working hard for the next 2-3 years at least.

Seeing the success of Partho vai, at least 10 persons contacted me today that they wanted learn English and build a career. But the problem is that they want to work hard or give time. So, I cannot help them. Well, sadly, many of us become addicted to short cut. We have forgotten that Search English is the only platform in Bangladesh is free of cost and free of bhejal.

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13 thoughts on “Partho Pratim Majumdar”

  1. Partho vai is awarded of his hard work and devotion. This is the fact. We want to be skilled but not wiling to give time. Search English has changed lots of people’s fate in learning English. Obligingly it is a great platform for learning English in Bangladesh.

    1. Well done partho vaia.nothing is impossible for man.the one who works hard he or she must success in his or her life.

  2. in pront of view, partho vai lots of improved..he is our legend in search English group.. search English is the best group for learn English in the world

  3. Ratan Kumar Roy

    partho VAI is hard worker like you sir. I think that who will be like you they must will be success in life because if a person want to success in life, so he need not become more talented, needs just hard work and love his work. I have seen, that work I do with my live it have been easy or perfect. so we need to do our work with our love.

  4. yes he is the real success story in search English group. He always tries to carry out your every single advice. He is very devoted and obedient learner in this group. He is carrying on his constant efforts to improve his English skills. A sparkling career is knocking him.

  5. Palash Sarker

    Congratulation Partho vai. It’s a great honor to be an article of Razib Sir what we are reading as a part of daily reading material for improvement of our reading skill. Your hard work has got the success so far what you have dreamed for and I wish you could reach another milestone and become a success for the nation. It seemed that you had started with the acceptance of your previous failure. Later you just have been working hard by following the proper guideline of our dear Razib Sir. We will follow the same path and wish to be successful as an unique after couple of years. Brother Good luck!

  6. we want to be successful in life. but we want to reach there in shortcut way. and that’s why we cant do anything completely.

  7. I’m happy for Partho bhai. Even though he was frustrated and dropped out but he overcome his limitation by hard work. Felicitation to him and his guide Razib bhau.

  8. Rashed Talukder

    I think here have no one like partho vai. he had failed in his academical future. then he accepted that nothing to do by him. once a time partho vai didn’t wrote 50 words post a day. but now he can easily write 500+ words a day. its possibilities for spend time in here. we are want to gain everything is shortcut. but shortcut is like a speak asia company, they are showed more benefit with in short time. Bangladeshi people were impressed to this marketing business and most of peoples invested money for earning money shortcut way. so what was the result?? every invest man losed their own money. so don’t take shortcut way.its do not give you, just taken from you.

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