One year journey with Search English Group

Alhumduliallah Today I completed my one year journey with Search English group. One year ago I met with Razib sir in the e-cab office on 14th October. When I went to the sir’s office that time sir asked me why I need to learn English. Then I told Sir I can’t write or speak in English. That’s why I was rejected from every viva. Then sir told me if you follow my rules then you could learn English. Sir also told me tonight you will speak one hour in English & if you can, what will you feed me?? That time I answered sir that it is impossible for me. I told this impossible word three times. Many people were the witness of that incident.

That night I joined in our workshop & I talked for one hour with Razib Ahamed sir. One hour later sir told me Apu you already talked one hour in English. That time I didn’t believe myself that I could talk one hour in English. After that, I got a little bit of confident that if I try & continue this workshop maybe I could learn English. Then I have joined every workshop & always tried to follow Razib sir’s rules.

In this one year, I never missed one single workshop, because every workshop was very important to me. I have gathered huge knowledge about different professional things like Startup, content writing, business proposal etc. When I completed my reading syllabus within a short period of time after that I got more confidence in my mind. Then I just tried to follow what sir said.

This one year journey was not quite easy. I faced a lot of problems but I never gave up. Every single day I tried to develop my skill. I always focused on my reading as reading is the main power of learning English. Now I am confident about my career & I know I can do well in near future in-sha-allah .

Right now I am working with Search English Ltd. In the absence of sir, now I am taking all workshop classes of Search English & Digital skill group. Day by day I am improving a lot. But I am not satisfied with this little learning. I want to increase my skills more, that’s why I am continuously trying. I have to go long way. I am grateful to Razib Ahamed sir who always guides & inspires me a lot. Without sir’s support, I couldn’t be able to do that or couldn’t learn English in my whole life. Thanks a lot sir for changing my life. May Allah give you a Happy & healthy life.


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