No bhejal, No marketing: Just practice

Search English has now 6,000 members. It is growing very rapidly. More than that, we have started to see some posts from our members indicating that they are not afraid to speak or write in job interviews. When we started the group some people told me that it would not become successful as Bangladeshi people are not eager to write in English online.

We did not go for any kind of marketing in Facebook or classified websites like Bikroy. Instead, we just tried to use our own Facebook profile to spread the message. Why Search English has become so popular and active?

First of all, there is no bhejal here. We try to respect everyone and we are friendly. As a result, our members feel happy and spend their time. From first, I have told you that our main problem is that we are afraid of English. Fear and shame are the two main problems. So, let us have a friendly atmosphere here. We have come here to practice English not fight or not to prove that I am right or you are wrong.

Secondly, we never try to do any kind of marketing in this group. We do not try to sell anything or do any kind of propaganda. We just want that you focus on practicing English.

Now-a-days, I am very busy and I cannot give time like past. The good thing is that many of you have become active and that is why, I do not need to spend so much time like past.

Now, every week, someone is writing about their improvement. Well, I am happy but remember that you have a long way to go. Please, try to stay here for one year at least. It will help you for your whole life.

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13 thoughts on “No bhejal, No marketing: Just practice”

  1. u r absolutely right bro.. when I joined this group I forget what is fear,shamevand hesitation.. before I afraid of English..but, now I try to read,write and speak in English..this group change my whole life.. Allah give me patience so that I always stay this group..

  2. I am also happy because this vhejal free platform. I could learn so much from here.
    It give me pleasures. It is perfect for me. Go Ahead.

  3. Alira Tanjira Alme

    For this reason now search English group is a successful group and birthe many new successful figure daily

  4. Truth has been written here lucidly. Now we are a big family of 260K plus people and we are getting news of Ami success every day.

  5. Loneliness naiym

    Yes sir I want to stay here in search english almost 1 year. Because I know that the more time I will spend here the more I will improve in writing speaking or reading. By joining here I’m looking a lot of dream that I had not about two or half months ago. now I want to be a good writer in English. I want to wtite content in newspaper or magazine or anywhere.
    I’m a student of BBS(PASS) course.Most of thr time I thought that I couldn’t do anything because many people look me small.I want to prove it that I know English more than them, I also a fluent speaker and they couldn’t speak like me and they feel hesitation before me.Though till now I couldn’t get more than two times to speak in audio adda. But i know that writing is so tougher than speaking. So,I want to focus on writing first. I’m in final year within 3months our exam will be held. In my exam I have English subjects as compulsory. But I was too much weak in English before joining here. Though I have done good results in SSC in English subjects but in Hsc my result was not good.Because I had given exams by memorising some answered.Then I could not write a sentence from my own. But I’m hopeful that I could write nicely in writing section for this now I’m out of tension for up coming exam.
    I wish I could be a student of english literature. Though it was not possible for me that I was a student of commerce. Sir I’m asking you that Could I be a student of English literature in Masters? but you suggested me to do MBA in Finance. But?my families financial condition is not so good. so it seems to me that I could not do itt right now Then told me to do it within 5years. insha allah I could.
    How could I want to become a student of English literature? because Search engliah has changed me a lot.I’m sure in upcoming few months I would be good writer or speker in English that’s no doubt sir. I could it because it here in search english there was no bejel then and now thres is now bhejal here. Sir you banned them who were trying to catch others mistake. Because you create this group only fot weak students, i was also weak students. I couldn’t write one sentence when I joind here in serach english group because of my hesitation and shyness. But seeing the post of you I alawys got inspired. firstly, I was so regular but in the middle I could not come due to my business.. But after Eid I was seen a post about Anu apo(my idol) which was given You. . By readung that post I was speechless and astonished. How could I person do it? But she could it because she had got neglect from others due to her weakness in english. And she had double C graed in her ssc and hsc examination. For that reason she couldn’t take form from any universities. She never told it anyone but she hide it in her mind. Now she can read news parer, the day before yesterday she read daily star (the biggest English newspaper of Bangladesh) and she ccould understand 99% that she dream that she could read the books of english literature. And today she passed 55 days in Serach engliah but she broke all record of search English group thats no doubt that she would be champion of Serch English group.
    Because of being long I couldn’t write about herself. But I want to write about her more times in future because earlier I told that she is my idol.

  6. Yeah, i try stay this group at least one year.Its most favourite me. Without shame. and hesitation comment here

  7. Rashed Talukder

    search english group is as a kind of group what is helps who are weak in english without any payment. the group also as like group which from haven’t get insulted yet and its still over wishes. se group helps every members selflessly. that is why everyone interested to practice in here. and its mejor think, every coaching centre and many online businesslike doing advertising for increasing customer and learners. but our best platform never done anykinds of advertisement. because our groups has no need to inspire everyone. the group opened for weakers without benefit.
    vejal is a kind of bad issued what is decreasing any devoloping company. but our Razib sir clamp down any vejal.
    end the comments have to say, Our respectable Razib Ahmed sir giving time always and regularly. I never see hard works for ordinary peoples like Razib sir. I’ve no words to show respect to Razib sir.

  8. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Your thinking now is a real matter.What you wanted I think it already you got.As a result we got a friendly environment for practice english without fear SE group.

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