No bhejal, No marketing: Just practice

Search English has now 6,000 members. It is growing very rapidly. More than that, we have started to see some posts from our members indicating that they are not afraid to speak or write in job interviews. When we started the group some people told me that it would not become successful as Bangladeshi people are not eager to write in English online.

We did not go for any kind of marketing in Facebook or classified websites like Bikroy. Instead, we just tried to use our own Facebook profile to spread the message. Why Search English has become so popular and active?

First of all, there is no bhejal here. We try to respect everyone and we are friendly. As a result, our members feel happy and spend their time. From first, I have told you that our main problem is that we are afraid of English. Fear and shame are the two main problems. So, let us have a friendly atmosphere here. We have come here to practice English not fight or not to prove that I am right or you are wrong.

Secondly, we never try to do any kind of marketing in this group. We do not try to sell anything or do any kind of propaganda. We just want that you focus on practicing English.

Now-a-days, I am very busy and I cannot give time like past. The good thing is that many of you have become active and that is why, I do not need to spend so much time like past.

Now, every week, someone is writing about their improvement. Well, I am happy but remember that you have a long way to go. Please, try to stay here for one year at least. It will help you for your whole life.

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26 thoughts on “No bhejal, No marketing: Just practice”

  1. May be the post is written many times ago because of, right now we are family of 185k and also Razib Ahmed Sir is giving so much times here with Search English.
    Yes vaiya, We need no advertisement to publish our groups because the members who are getting success from this group by removing their fair, shyness and hesitation, they are becoming a source of inspiration to their friends and they are joining to the group.
    Here we don’t use any marketing issues or this group also has no propaganda like other institutions.
    That’s why the group is increasing rapidly.
    Thank you sir for creating this awesome platform.

  2. Woa great post sir…. today i knew clearly about search English main English is doing a great thing which is impossible to me thinking ..i am very surprised seeing ur aim..if these aim are continuing ,search English must be the greatest ,best and largest under the world ..please pray for me to stay long time here

  3. SE is a awesome platform of learning English, there is no doubt about it.this group exhort us and increase our confidence about myself. all the post that was given and will give by Razib vai is inspired us always. hope this will one of the best English learning group in this world.

  4. Helpless Bahadur

    really I am imorese and at first I feel shame to write in English but when I joint this group I have remove my shame

  5. Alamgir Hossain Rafi

    The post is relly helpful of us who are still actually unknown about the group in details, the rules and regulations and what we should do, what’s the duty of us actually for improving ourselves.
    Yes,this group is rapidly improving because of that there is no complexity and free from all embarrassing event.
    You have built it by spending your morning time and suffered a lot also.
    But we have got it readymade that’s why we should use it properly. Thank you sir for all of activities for our improvement.

    1. I’m very happy as a member of this magical group.reading sections are really good for our increasing skill in English.

  6. kamrul hasan

    Now search English group has crossed 2 lacs members and it is has turned into the best platform for learning English. The members are no more fear of English and every member is writing their English keeping aside their all shyness and hesitation. The group is growing very fast. Many members from foreign countries are joining everyday in this marvelous group.

  7. Thinks you sir. we are expat you. you crated lovely platform Search English group. i know this group main aim is improve our English language skill. because this English is a international language. this age every think is English, We communication other country peoples like personal business or others we should know English. Everybody needs a good jobs good position and other facilitates. we must know English. We are needs good education qualification we should know English Language.

  8. Md Mizanur Rahman

    I’m a new member of this group, we r happy that u have taken a step to improve our skills in English. I think if we continue our practice without any hesitation, we will improve rapidly. Thank u sir for your hard working, you the man who paved the way and we r many people walking on that way.

  9. Arifur Rahman

    In myy life I have gotten a wonderful platform where I can write freely and easily talk with other people.In this moment search English group has reached near to 300 k people.But most of the people do noot write but this group amazingly active and we have gotten many successful story. Basically I am able to abate my fear and hesitation about English,it has possible by search english.I am determined because if I stay here more than one year confidently I will write in newspaper one day.but it is long proccess,I have to achieve many knowledge and practice those things by my mind after that I will get my desire level.

  10. I feel happy because iread your post. Yeah i try stay this group one year and my english skilled develop

  11. Rashed Talukder

    vejal is one of the matter what is create problem in any platform. bejal is like a virus what is moving forwards to destroyed platforms. that is why razib do not give chance to make vejal.
    second point is marketing, marketing ia one of the major fact of increased. business class platforms are doing advertisement and marketing for move forward. our group have also need moving forwards. but we do not need to advertisments. because, the platform creating selflessly. no need to marketing. there’s succes will be to marketing. and become the time to this markering by newspapers. few days ago razib sir gave a interview in a online magazine. so do not earn money from the group so who is want to build skilled ze will become our famous group.

  12. Thank you so much vhaiya. After reading this article i’m become very glad. Yap! Now our group member are so active. They do work hard to fulfill their dream. I hope one ay we be success.

  13. you are right. it’s the best place for practicing as in case of learning it hasn’t any alternative. When I do less comments on posts, lost my speed to write. I don’t know the learning peocess before joing here.

  14. Really it’s a great achievement for you sir. You are the legend person in our country. I hope I can prove myself in English.

  15. Earlier i thought this group is for senior students like BCS M.A and BBA..after i join this group and reading the posts of razib sir …i understand this gruop is also for me …..its a group whish is removes unemployment from country by the increasing english skill of everybody which are practicing here ……
    I thing one day this group will remove unemployment from around Bangladesh🇧🇩 even from around the world

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