Near and Far


In this group, I hardly knew anyone even just 5 months ago. They are not my relatives or friends. Many of them were not even in my Facebook friend list. Many of them do not live in the same city. They live in different corners of Bangladesh. I know some of them virtually in Facebook and skype. Still, I know a lot about some of them may be because I have a very sharp memory or may be, I really care for them. I dream that they will become proficient in English.

These days, in skype adda, almost every can speak fluently. They can speak for hours. Often, we have the conversation for 5 hours. Why do I bother so much? Simply because, if you are good in Bangladesh then you can have a career. You will move ahead in your education and career.

So, I try to motivate you, encourage you. If anyone can speak for one hour then I feel like I have done it. If anyone can write 10 posts then I feel like it is my personal achievement.

I have seen some success stories already. This gives me a lot of satisfaction. I wanted to be a writer and nothing else.

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12 thoughts on “Near and Far”

  1. we all are learning English English in search English group like a family members. Everyday we are having lots of success stories in this group who are getting job or doing well in examination by utilizing their English knowledge which they gathered from this group.

  2. From different articles those are written by you, I knew that you have a sharp memory. This is the thing that I have profound lack and have a hidden sadness for it. I feel very interesting when i see this quality in others.

  3. Rashed Talukder

    among 1 year a group has almost 300000 members it is not like gradually, have to confess that its speedly increasing membership every time. sir, you created the platform for weak students. it was your dream. and gradually fill up your dream. everyday we seeing and listening successful events. all credit goes to you sir. because its selfless humanity and it has done by Razib sir.

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