My Real Struggle, My Real Pain

I am good at encouraging others. I have been able to develop a method that is producing one after another success stories. However, I am struggling on convincing everyone to give a lot of time. You have become skilled in speaking but now, you have to become skilled in writing.
It is a very important skill. You can do it and yes all of you can do it. I am not asking you to become Shakespeare. All I am trying is to convince you that you get a normal skill of written English.
If you can write 1000 words a day with normal level of accuracy and grammar, I am more than satisfied. It is just the beginning and you have your whole life to practice and improve.
Just write 20-30 comments a day. You can easily do it.

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15 thoughts on “My Real Struggle, My Real Pain”

  1. kamrul hasan

    your every speech is boon for us. There is miracle in your speeches to make us enliven to start everything newly by shaking off our all depressions.

  2. You have some power making attract the people’s attention. Your all powerful speech like a magic for us.Thank you sir…

  3. Rashed Talukder

    first time, I would like to say that put 30 comments in everyday its as like materials what instead no way to learn english from this group. to learn english man has need to believe it what you getting this group. it is easily everyone catching the points. anyway, the article is about struggle and pain. from your job you struggling your own way, same thing everyones have to struggling to be reached missions and so on.and that time you get pain, and the pain is your berries..
    its hardly true, without struggle no get pain, and no pain means no gain.

  4. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Your encourage and our effort can make history .Now lot of examples of succes history.I am trying to be skilled in english just because of my thinking .When I observe me and others that after passing masters degree we are not able to speak or write in english.I can’t bear this poorness in english.And now I can realize that we have problems in our academic system .Although now I am out of that level but I got another proper way like search english by which I already improving in english.

  5. Thats a good idea i think.
    if i write 1000 word a day it will increase my thinking power and vocabulary.
    from now i will try my best

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