My Real Struggle, My Real Pain

I am good at encouraging others. I have been able to develop a method that is producing one after another success stories. However, I am struggling on convincing everyone to give a lot of time. You have become skilled in speaking but now, you have to become skilled in writing.

It is a very important skill. You can do it and yes all of you can do it. I am not asking you to become Shakespeare. All I am trying is to convince you that you get a normal skill of written English.

If you can write 1000 words a day with normal level of accuracy and grammar, I am more than satisfied. It is just the beginning and you have your whole life to practice and improve.

Just write 20-30 comments a day. You can easily do it.

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19 thoughts on “My Real Struggle, My Real Pain”

  1. thanks for your struggling and your time.we have to learn speaking and writing at any how..if we want to be a good speaker, we will consentrate our mind in writing with grammar point.

  2. Ratan Kumar Roy

    life means struggle so if we want live then we will be done struggle with our adverse position position. if we become feilure then we can not prospect in our life. life is not a bed of rose we need to do hard work and struggle with our opposite.

  3. Of course dear sir. We have to do it. In a day minimum 20 comment is not difficult for us. If we have will we will do it. Your affort about the people of Bangladesh really commendable dear sir. You are true example of country fighter. You are authentic patriotic person. I am practising dear sir in SE group both reading and writing.

  4. kamrul hasan

    Consistency is much needed to be excel in English. we need to put our regular practice to attain good literacy in English.

  5. Rashed Talukder

    struggle as like a word what’s have carry more meanings. I want to speak in english, it is my wish. for that I have to do read and write. if I do it as like, I’ll devolop my skills. there have count just a persons skills. but the group has 300k peoples are want to devolop own skilled, and everyone believe Razib sir. that is why, Razib sir have to struggling every time for his dream which is now 300k peoples wishes. and he gradually arranging step continuouslly to moving forward. but its sad, we do not take it serious. we can feel that needed of english in job, school, college and many events. but we do not take serious. a few members are take it serious. they are obeying dirrection of Razib sir. And they are one of struggler.

  6. Obviously i can do it regularly from right now. It’s true that i was spend more time se group in fb, but i’m not regular. But from now i can regular and do work hard for my best.

  7. Thanks a lot to your encourage, convincing and advice . Originally writing minimum 1000 words in English is a skill that help us our student life & career . I will try to do at least 30 comment everyday.

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