My Dream

The group has now 10,000+ members and also, our Alexa ranking indicates that we are becoming a well visited website in Bangladesh. Yes, success is on the way for the four of us who set up this group, Skype adda and Search English website. As for me, this will be a great success story that will bring a lot of name, fame and may be fortune too. However, this success will surely be meaningless if you cannot improve.

I dream that all of the regular participants of our skype adda will become a real success story. They will be able to speak English fluently, write English well and they will be able to use English skills in their career. I want them to spend one year with us and work hard. I know that all of them will shine by the end of one year.

Frankly, I was frustrated even one month ago as most people were not regular. Now, I can find 4-5 regular persons and they are improving in a good way. I know that there are many people out there who are desperately searching for such a platform. We just need to find them as well they need to find us.

I am trying my best for my dream what about you?

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19 thoughts on “My Dream”

  1. I need to be regular in Search English group and website simultaneously. From Search English, I came to know how to practice English and how to be fluent in using English. Now rest depends on us. Thanks a lot sir.

  2. Shahera bsnu

    I can’t join audio adda because my bad net connection. But I m not hopeless, one day any how I can.However I try to write comment & gradually my improvement notable.

  3. You are most welcome dear sir. Already you have fulfilled your 50% dream. At present you will have to see everday new success stories from which you could get pleasure and day after day you dream forwarding true path. I have a dream. I am also want to be expert in English. In every sector I want to succeed. I am doing hard work and I am giving maximum effort for gathering this skilled. By increasing English capacity I want to fulfill my dream.

  4. Abu Hamza Khalid

    We are also try more or less . But many times we can not be able to maintain the consistency like u.

  5. dharismita roy

    I wanted to learn speaking eng but didnt find opportunity ..Now i think that i have got the right platform ..tnq sir u r doing a great job

  6. I always regret why I didn’t find such platform life Search English in my student life. I wish I could develop myself from then.

  7. Rashed Talukder

    a dream is support always to complete a job. teaching english all corners of bangladesh it was dream. because the dream is becoming fulfill. you make your respectness, many peoples are respect you, you gain your fame, reputation. I wish I’ll get chance to fulfill my dream though I do not share my dream.

  8. Yes, i’m trying my best. I do work hard to fulfill my dream as far as possible. If everyon can fulfill there dream, so why i can’t fulfill my dream. I must be fulfill my dream.

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