My Dream and Zero Category


The posts of Zero Category  were written by us (Mehdi, Biplob and I) during 2006-10. I could never imagine that these posts would become so valuable someday. In the last two years, many people have read these posts. This category has inspired many persons. They loved the posts because these are simple, short and easy to read.

As a writer, it was my dream that many people would love to read my writing and they would get inspired. Zero Category has done it in the best way.

Now, my dream is to inspire people to read a lot and they focus on developing reading skills.  Fortunately, I have got a sizable number of regular readers. If I try hard then I can get nearly 1,000 regular readers to read my posts. Well, the problem is that I cannot just leave everything and focus on this thing alone. If I could do it then I could perhaps get 10,000 people to read my writing every day but that is not possible.

This is the funny thing in my life. Any writer would perhaps be ready to die to get 10,000 people to read his writings every day. Here I am with this possibility but I do not want to do it. Why? Simply because I want to focus on my platform Search English first and then on my writing skills.

So, there is a conflict between personal dream and helping others.

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