My condition at interview board

Hey my dear friends,  how are you? Hope you are well by the grace of Almighty Allah. Alhamdulilah, I am well too.

Today, I am here lately to complete my daily task which I did not complete. Well, You have already seen my post’s title. Actually I can write it as my interview experience but I try to share my condition at interview board.

Today I faced 2nd job interviews in my life. The first one was 2 months ago. Though that job position was not my expectation level but I wanted to face viva for the first time.

In my university times, I always took viva board as like I went there to chat with my teachers but sometimes it was different in front of external. but I didn’t take it so seriously. Because All questions were asked from our Syllabus.

My parents requested me to take some preparation for my first job viva. though they knew, I do not like to join that post. But they told me that you should take every viva seriously because you should prove yourself.

Huh, Should I again prove myself after completing all the steps of my education life. Seriously I didn’t take any preparation for that job. I went viva board and sat with others candidates. There was another girl and I started to talk with her because of my talkative habit. Within a short time, we become so friendly. We were browsing fb and laughing to see some funny posts. But other candidates were so tensed.

Suddenly one of boys scolded us and told us ” do you give bribe so that you are so tension less “. I was just speechless to see his voice. I told him ” Should I give you accompany with a tension face?? Mind your language. Every person expression style is different, And remember, I will be jobless rather than getting a job with bribe so that I am here to face viva. ” That girl was very much angry than me and she wanted to say something more but I stopped him because that boy was in queue for viva. Alhamdulilah, that viva broad was good.

Today job position is little bit good than before. So I wanted to take it seriously. Last day, I was sitting for studies after a long time like my final exam will be heald in next day. And last night, I also attended workshop.

I tried to sleep early but as a late night sleeper, I couldn’t sleep early. After 2 am, I sleep but awoke up at 5am with one alarm. After then, I was in hibernate condition. I could not remember what I did, sleeping or awaking…

Though my viva schedule was 10.30 am, So I awoke up at 9 am. Because in rickshaw, it will take only 30 minutes. I didn’t know ever about BPSC viva style. I thought, I will give a revision before entering viva. So I picked all notes, books and mobile.

Alas!! authority doesn’t permit us to take bag except documents. So I felt little bit uncomfortable that I needed to give a revision. In this exam, My almost 7 friends also selected for viva. After a long time, I have seen them there. My best friend was also there.

There was 10 board for viva and allowed 15 candidates per board. Casually I was telling my friend that maybe, we will be in the same board. she told me ” no never “. Ooh, I noticed that I forgot to take pen. I told my friend and there was a senior vai who gave me a pen.

Luckily I was 15 number candidate at the same viva board of my that friend who I told few minutes ago. So it is an another experience for me because I always face viva firstly. So that I do jot need to bear this tension more. But this time, I was the last candidate.

Everyone was going and returning back to back and sharing their scaring experience. I was getting cold by hearing this and telling to my friend that I couldn’t remember anything. Later, I went outside from room to reduce my tension but all member was thinking that I was so much relax. Because most of the time, I am feeling sleepy.

When there was last 5 members, my tension level was higher. My friend was also tensed. I don’t know why I told her ” Huh, what a reality, we do not take any preparation or feel fear to standing before of our Almighty, We take our prayer how much insincerely. But in front of viva board, where the human like us are taking viva, we are getting so much tensed. what a preparation for this. ” Actually I tried claim myself too by telling her these words. After returning from viva room, my friend told me that I got my scene from your words and bravely she answered all questions.

It was almost mid day. I felt hungry too. I was kidding with my friend who was waiting for me by saying ” it will be better if we get something for refreshment. ” Wow, One man who was guiding us to enter viva room serve guavas.

Though I became much cool before my turn. But hearing others experience, I was loosing my confidence. Then I went washroom and telling myself standing in front of mirror ” Maybe that questions will not be asked you, whatever you read that will be your question, Be brave my girl. just go and be confident”.

Alhamdulilah, Maybe I was only one candidate who got questions different from among 14 candidates and I was there just 10 minutes where others were 15/20 minutes.

After then, I went wrong road by taking wrong bus. but I enjoyed my time. What will be my result, I don’t know. But Alhamdulilah, I am satisfied with my experience. And why will be not, because I have got such friends from this group where they prayed for me unconditionally from their innocent heart. Thank you all. Jhajk-Allah. Keep me in your prayers all times.
Allah hafez.

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