Muhammad Ali


Ali is one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky in USA in 1942. His birth name was Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. which was changed after his changing religion to Muslim. He was converted to the orthodox Sunni Islam in 1975. He is often told “Black Muslim.” In his career Ali won 56 out of 61 matches and is 37 wins were by Knock Out. He could defeat all of the Heavyweight champions of that time and dominate the heavyweight boxing world in his time. His first heavyweight title came in 1964 through his victory over Liston who is famous for his aggressiveness.

He had also won the Gold Medal in 1960 Rome Olympic in light heavyweight before he showed his talent in the heavyweight. Ali’s fight with Frazier in 1971 is considered as ‘Fight of the Century” where Ali got his first professional lose in his career though he played vary well. In 1975, this two legends against fought to each other which is called as the Greatest Fight of All Time where Ali could take revenge of his defeat backed 4 years. After the match Ali said, “This must be what death feels like.” He has been ‘Fighter of the Year” by Ring magazine for highest number of time among the boxers. He took his retirement in 1981. He was honored as the “Sportsman of the Century” by Sports Illustrated in 1999.

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  2. We are fortunate that Mohammad Ali visited our country probably in 1977 to 1979 at the regime of Ziaur Rahman & fought with a boy with funny enjoyment. Great,great & a great athlete also a great boxer & sound minded human forever. Thanks

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  4. thank u sir for this topic..

  5. Muhammad Ali who has been legend for more than half a century. The greatest heavy weight Boxer “Muhammad Ali”we will never forget you.In the era of ages still you are in this world.

  6. Really,,, He is one of the greatest Athletic in the world….It is our fortunate to know about him,,,,We Should be respected to him.

  7. I don’t know mohammad ali’s background just for you today i know about her..

  8. Muhammad Ali was a big lezendary person in the world. He is well-known as a heavyweight boxer for all time in the world. Playing is boxing he was won many award and prize in his life. He was born louisville, kentucky in USA in 1942. The first of his life, he was christan religion one and his name was Cassius Marcellus clay, Jr. Then he was converted to Muslim and introduced in the world by a new name which is ALI. In his boxing career he was won 56 internation match out of 61 even he won 37 match in knock out. In 1960 he was participated in Olypic game in Rome and he won gold medal. For his outstanding rating Ring magazine declared him ‘ Fighter of the country’ also ‘ sportsman of the country’ awarded by country sports authority. His honoured, reputation become us humble to respect him. He was retired in 1981 from his boxing career. He was dead in 2016. Personally I like him so much.

  9. Really I would like to appreciate all the trouble of your is going through for us. I have got information about him which I didn’t know. And I just have started reading the posts of zero catagory also this is the first comment of mine.

  10. Glad to know about the biography of this great person. He was not only a legend sportsman but also a good human being. nice sharing.

  11. Thank you so much for this post. I knew little bit about Mohammad Ali but now this post gave me many unknown informations about him.

  12. Mohammad Ali is a real hero.He will alive through us and he will never die from the history and from our heart.We are lucky because this great person visited our lovely motherland.He is not only a hero but also a good human being.Thanks for sharing his biography.

  13. Few days ago i don’t know Mohammad Ali’s history but now i know who is Mohammad Ali.Mohammad Ali is a real tiger in boxing world.He is never die because he live a everyboxer.Thanks for shairing his history……..

  14. Thanks for the post. It is very Informative. His struggle and hard work for preparing for all the competition are inspirational. People love to go through his biography. His struggling life is full of inspiration. As a role model he will be alive even in coming generations.

  15. USA military offered him to join a vietnam war but Ali refused this offer. Then USA govt threat him and take some action against Ali.

  16. Mohammed Ali was a one of the best heavyweight fighter in the world . He deaths is recently last year .

  17. sir, my curious mind would like to know why had gived citizenship in our country?

  18. Muhammad Ali’s story is very nice..Actually.. i don’t know Muhammad Ali’s story.. a few days…but now i know who was Muhammad Ali.Thank you for shearing his story….

  19. Muhammad Ali’s story is very nice…Thank you for shearing his nice story

  20. Thank you so much for sharing an informative post. Which is help me to know abot Muhammad Ali who was real Hero in the Heavvy weigh boxing.

  21. Ali Was Such a Goodman. I really Love Him And I love The Story Which You Have Shared.
    Thank you,

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  26. Mohammad Ali was not only the greatest boxer but also the ggreatest practicing Muslim.. His famous quotation, “He kept fire box of all time in his pocket, because when any evils think in his mind,He had given calorize and had told Ali could not tolerated something fire,How will tolerate jahanname’s Fire??

  27. Ali is amongst the best heavyweight boxers out of them all. He / she appeared with Louisville, Kentucky with STATES with 1942. His or her labor and birth label seemed to be Cassius Marcellus Clay, Junior. that is modified soon after his or her adjusting faith to help Muslim. He / she seemed to be transformed into this orthodox Sunni Islam with 1975. They are typically explained to “Black Muslim. ” With his or her vocation Ali picked up 56 outside of 61 meets and is particularly 37 victories were being by means of Affect Available. He / she could possibly eliminate the many Heavyweight winners of their time period in addition to command this heavyweight boxing earth with his or her time period. His or her primary heavyweight identify got with 1964 as a result of his or her glory in excess of Liston who’s going to be well known intended for his or her aggressiveness.

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  29. one years ago we have lost him. may Allah keep him in Jannah.
    This was the last post of zero category.. after reading this post, successfully I have completed my today’s goal. Feeling happy.

  30. really,he is a great boxer. when he came in Bangladesh, ex-president ziaur rahman gave a peace of land in cox’s-bazar and he has given highest honour best in Bangladesh.

  31. Nice explination about ali

  32. It’s nice to know about quality information about the hero of boxer Muhammad Ali.

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  34. People called champ!!
    When he died I watch documentary in full life. He was a great man and also a great heavyweight champion.

  35. I have read about Ali the great boxer. He was a muslim we are proud of him.

  36. really,he is a great boxer.

  37. He is one of the greatest athlete in the world.

  38. I have read about Mohammad ali when he was died.When he convert into islam religion after this time he has visited our country and meet with sheikh Mujibur Rahman.I have seen a picture with him in daily star newspaper. I think he was one of the best boxer in our world.May Allah give him jannah.

  39. Today I get a new story from here. it was great. knowing about a great legend its feel me happy.

  40. Really muhammad ali was a great legend

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  43. It is very astonished Ali is very stronger man but he take true religion .Maximum people can’t realized that Islam is true religion when they have enough time to converted. It is great example for the world Ali converted to Islam.

  44. Muhammad ali is the remarkable person among the world,,,, especially Muslim race are proud of Muhammad Ali,,,,,, because his all property gave for Muslim,,,,,,

  45. Nice n great post… previous time I’ve no well idea about Mohammad Ali… only knows name boxer mohammad Ali who changed relegion to muslim…..but today I know well about him..I’m feeling proud of Mohammad Ali cz he was came to our Bangladesh….n he declare that Bangladesh is a second home of country for him…really u was a great men in the world…we are miss u great boxer Mohammad Ali.

  46. Muhammad ali is the famous name in sports in of all time in the world history.He was born in louisville,kentucky in usa in 1942.He is the boxing champion and was a famous boxer of all time.he known as undefeated man in his career he had won 56 out of 62 and 37 is unknocked.After competition with a tough guy and he win the competition he told the competition like a death.He changed his name after changing his religion to muslim.he also banned by the us govt. cause he would not agree to join the war that is carried that time between us and vietnam.

  47. I known Mohamd ali is famous boxer.

  48. Muhammad Ali is great man in this world person . I like his work.

  49. Now I complete Zero Category.I am Very happy

  50. Ali was a gretest boxer no doubt. I’m very happy on him that was converted in Islam. Really in his time. he could defeat all boxer

  51. I feel very glad to read this article about mahummad ali.

  52. I am remembering about Muhammad Ali. Ali is one of the greatest boxers in the world. He was born in USA in 1942. He was converted to Islam in 1975. Before getting Muslim his name was Cassius Mercellus. in his carrier, Ali won 56 out of 61 matches. Ali could defeat all of the heavyweight champion of that time. his first title came in 1964. he had also won the Gold Medal in 1960 Rome Olympic.Ali got his first professional lose in 1971 though he played very well. he has been the fighter of the year by Ring Magazine. Probably Ali was visited Bangladesh in 1979. he took his retirement in 1981. he was died in 2016. that’s all about the greatest boxer of the world.

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  54. Great Post

  55. Great Post About Mohammad Ali

  56. Yes It’s a great Post!!!

  57. Many days ago when I knew that he is a new muslim that tome i feel proud.

  58. it is nice to know a person who himself got a place in the world. Mohammad Ali is not only a great boxer but also a great human being.

  59. Muhammad Ali is a great athlete. He is one of my Idol. I follow his activity. I also want to be heavyweight boxers. His daughter is also a great athlete. Heats up for his beautiful mind.
    Thank you.

  60. He is a great Athlete. His personality is very beautiful.

  61. Mohammad Ali is one of the most renowned boxers in the world.He has a very glorious career in the boxing. There is no doubt about his achievement. After converted to Muslim, he became very famous among the Muslim. Even in Bangladesh, He was so much popular during his time. For him, The best achievement was to win the Gold medal in Olympics though he also won many other games.He passed away many years ago but till now he is remembered with great respect.

  62. Truly inspirational information regarding Mohammad Ali. He was the person of humanity. We all should follow his sencirity, enthuasism and so on

  63. great athlete I have seen ever.

  64. great athlete I have seen ever.May god bless u.

    1. Few minutes ago I knew only Muhammad alis name I don’t knew Muhammad alis life history but at now I know Muhammad alis full life history because I read here Muhammad alis life history. Muhammad ali is a not only name he is history and idol and renown person for Muslim ummah we are proud of Muhammad ali champ.Muhammad ali was remarkable man.he is never die to us he live every boxer heart.Muhammad ali was legend boxer world. every Muslims missing legend Muhammad ali.I hope may Allah gave her jannah. everybody praying for Muhammad ali.thank you so much rajib sir because for give us Muhammad alis glorious documantary.

  65. May Allah give Jannat him.

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  67. Few minutes ago I know only Mohammad alis name I ddon’t kknow Mohammad ali life hhistory but now I know Mohammad Alis full life history because I read here Mohammad ali life history . Muhammad ali is a not only bame he is a history and idole muslim ummah. I am proud of Mohammad alis champ. he is never die to us he live every Muslim and every boxer heart. Muhammad ali was best legend in this world. we are all Muslims everymoment missing legend Muhammad ali. Muhammad ali was remarkable man. I hope may all gave her jannah.everybody prayer for Mohammad alis. Thank you so much Rajib sir because such a good life history give us.

  68. Few minutes ago I knew only Muhammad alis name I don’t knew Muhammad alis life history but at now I know Muhammad alis full life history because I read here Muhammad alis life history. Muhammad ali is a not only name he is history and idol person for Muslim ummah we are proud of Muhammad ali champ.Muhammad ali was remarkable man.he is never die to us he live every boxer heart.Muhammad ali was legend boxer world. every Muslims missing legend Muhammad ali.I hope may Allah gave her jannah. everybody praying for Muhammad ali.thank you so much rajib sir because for give us Muhammad alis glorious documantary.

  69. Few minutes ago I knew only Muhammad alis name I don’t knew Muhammad alis life history but at now I know Muhammad alis full life history because I read here Muhammad alis life history. Muhammad ali is a not only name he is history and idol and renown person for Muslim ummah we are proud of Muhammad ali champ.Muhammad ali was remarkable man.he is never die to us he live every boxer heart.Muhammad ali was legend boxer world. every Muslims missing legend Muhammad ali.I hope may Allah gave her jannah. everybody praying for Muhammad ali.thank you so much rajib sir because for give us Muhammad alis glorious documantary.

  70. Muhammad Ali is the greatest heavyweight boxer in the last century. It is a very good news that Ali was changed his religion from Christian to Sunni Muslim. His immortal word is “I am the best.” So we should say everywhere “I am the Best”

  71. The another legend from.our country. we feel proud for him.he is a real hero.

  72. I am delighted that get lot of details about Muhammad Ali. Unfortunately, I am not interested to see boxing game that’s why I knew Mohammad Ali is a heavyweight boxer after his dead. I am trying to read all post faster and memorising new words in post. Now I see my reading progress on going well. I have read this post in 1 minute 30 second coming day I am trying to read more faster.

  73. Hmmmmm, He was a great boxer and also a great example of hard worker…

  74. Mohammad Ali was a good boxer and also good person.

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  78. mohammad ali clay is the greatest boxer of the history. as respect him as usual i do upon noble man

  79. Ali was one of the best boxer in the world.

  80. Yes, it’s a great story about the greatest person. He was born in U.S.A. He was converted Muslim. People never forget his achievements.

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  83. Mohammad Ali is a good human being that we are know. He is also a inspirational speaker. I didn’t know about Mohammad Ali in details.
    Thanks sir about this contents…!!!

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  85. Today is my first read in SE blog post. I read Muhammad Ali post. I didn’t know more about him. I just know he was a successful boxer. He is a Muslim. I didn’t see to fight him in television. When he is dead that time I saw in television his some capture of fighting moment. But last I want to say I like Muhammad Ali very much.

  86. We all know Muhammad Ali was the greatest fighter in the world for all the time. And he changed his religion to Muslim.

    Now I’m trying to spend my free time here for developing my reading skill. I’m looking here so many good articles are here. Hope I will be able to develop my English skills from here.

  87. i. read the passage carefully
    i.m pleased for him because he change her religion

  88. I did’t know him. but I know him now from zero catagori.
    Reay he was the gratest boxer of his time.
    thanks for your shared a good story

  89. i was no concept about him.when i read this post after i will know about him,i think this post lot of help me for learn many word. thanks sir for sharing this with us

  90. Yes, he is an honest man as well as a champion. There are many Speech of Mohammad Ali that inspired me….love you M.Ali

  91. I knew mohammad ali after his death by newspaper and also knew he was a muslim

  92. I know about Mohammed Ali. He ia great heavyweight boxer in the world. I like him very much. When I remember him that I to be inspired very much.

  93. we know him,he is the greatest & legend boxer in the world,He is now the inspiration of many boxers

  94. i had read about him many years ago. he were christisan before than he changed his religion and kept his name Mohammad ali. he tells more i like this name and so many which those i can’t remember now. thanks sir for sharing with us about World heavyweight champion.

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