Move ahead in life with Confidence

Confidence is a must have quality for all of us. However, many of us lack it and it brings misery in our life. When we have the belief that we are good for nothing then it will be almost impossible to do well in life. This absence of self-confidence will destroy any will power in us.

Sadly, I live in a society where most people feel that unless you have good grades in your exams, you are not a good student. It does not matter what you know, it also does not matter whether you are passionate about knowledge. So, many people consider that they have the right to make fun of you. So, many of us tend to memorize almost everything and they end up not having any creativity. Many parents even frown upon their children for reading story books or books outside of the school syllabus.

There is another common scenario present in our society about work or profession- you are measures according to your wealth or income. It does not matter if you earned it honestly or not, it also does not matter if you are skilled or hard working. You have money and you are considered to be successful- this is the common rule. As a result, many of us feel disheartened and discouraged and perhaps depressed.

This causes that we lose interest to try for our career- be it a job or a business. We feel sad and we lose any interest for trying to shine in our profession. This is a sad reality. Trying seriously in life is a very good quality. It brings a lot of happiness and satisfaction in the end. May be at first, we feel depressed when we do not get the proper recognition we deserve. However, when we keep on trying, we start to see some success and at one stage, we feel satisfaction from our profession.

I am not saying that you should try for good grades or you should try to earn more money. Of course, they are important and you should try your best. However, what I am trying to state here is that you should focus on studying seriously, you should try to develop passion for knowledge, you should try to be serious in your profession and enjoy the hard work. You should not go for any short cut. You should also be satisfied with your income and you should not get depressed.

Never lose your confidence and neglect when others laugh at you. Do not change your personality. You cannot satisfy everyone, you should even try for it. Rather, try to be honest and hard-working and that matters a lot.  Trust me, this will bring real happiness and satisfaction.

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30 thoughts on “Move ahead in life with Confidence”

  1. Amazing ! I went through thrice but still feel thristy. …
    Simply, million dollars worthy write up as to grow enthusiasm & motivate you to do better & better. Nobody will love & care you till you do not do so yourself . Pointedly, start loving yourself & believing yourself.
    Rightly, stated here that nothing could be achieved untill you have this magic power like” self confidence ” Nevertheless, this charismatic strength you need cherish slowly but surely. ….you know, big journey start from a single step. ….similarly, we must look forward with a complete positive frame of mind .Thank you mates for your patient & being with me. I will be more than happy to having your feedback. Take good care of yourself.

    1. Furthermore, in the highway of our life journey we may find immeasurable discripanncy in our day to day life in the sense of social norms & customs. Very often , those irregularities can make you very up set & depressed. But you need to stick with your goal. Keeping in mind that no power is as great as light of knowledge .
      In a short, money is very much needed to survive. NOBODY CAN DENY THE FACT .BUT IT IS NOT TOTALL SOLUTION OF ALL THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD. IT CANNOT buy happiness.

  2. This is a simple and outstanding writing. It is very easy to understand and if we get that sort of writing it will be user friendly to read and gradually we can accelerate our rading skill. Last but not least, thanks a lot for taking that sort of initiative.

  3. really the one category is good….I’ll try to read all post of this category…….
    and the theme of this writing makes me inspired…..

  4. Now I can understand , one catagory story easily…
    Thnk u Razib vaia for opening reading section.It has no doubt that
    it will be very benificial for all student…….

  5. This is the real scenario of our society. We cannot think anything outside of academic syllabus. Most of the people don’t want to understand that it is possible to do something better without academic education. Most of the parents emphasis their children to make good result in their academic exam and that’s why they don’t give them any time to do play or read some good novels, good books outside their academic study. Parents keep many tutor for teaching them their academic subject goodly. And most of the tutor emphasis them on memorise their lesson. That’s why they cannot learn anything what they adapt their real life. That’s why most of the students of our country don’t get any good work or good job after finishing their graduation.

  6. Confidence covers 99 percent of your success and you have to work hard for remaining 1%. No need to worry about others opinion. They criticize and forget afterwards. Don’t pay attention to them. You didn’t born to sarisfy others. Honesty is the thing which helps to maintain the peace of your mind. As I always say, peace is more important than happiness. So it doesn’t matter how much you earn. it matters that whether your earning is legal one. Because you are answerable to your creator whether you have followed the way directed by Him.

    Anyway, well written.

  7. Thanks a lot sir for inspired me again a lot …i try my best..please pray for me…i read this post within 4 minute and understand it clearly.

  8. Helpless Bahadur

    wow what a motivation I have loss my confidence but after reading this article I come back my confidence power. it is true that I am not a good sutudent but now I think that I have some innar power which power will try to go ahead. thanks a lot Razib bro for encourage us

  9. Mahmudul Murad

    I go ahead with confidence. I try to take my own decisions myself. It’s called self confidence, self esteem, self respect etc. Sometimes people makes mistake and deem it as overconfidence. But i tell them, there is a difference between confidence & overconfidence. First one is essential but second one is dangerous. However, thanks for preparing this useful & inspirational passage for us. Surely, it will help us for improving our reading skill.

  10. Success! the true meaning of success is to implement our dream. This brings mental peace. This brings satisfaction of mind. Generally people believe that earning more money is the success. But its not totally true. Yes, earning is important. but money that cannot bring happiness is not expected at all.

    We grow up in the environment where we are taught to earn more mony and it is our goal. So parents always force us to read only the academic books. sometimes scolds if childrenss are reading story books. Thus the power of dreaming is nipped in the bud.

    Many outside books supply the material for a better life, supplies new ideas. these also teach to dream for big. Parents always wants traditionally manner. sometimes they don’t let their child to do what he can do well or in which he has interest.

    This way our confidence level goes down and we feel hesitation, frustration etc. For doing something unique there requires a very big brave heart. and the mentallity of facing new challenges. If we learn to face our difficulties, we can be successful for sure.

    Another thing is, people laugh at us when we work for something very big. They make fun of us. Sometimes even insult us saying various things. This also may drive us to the wrong way of we loose our hope. We shouldn’t pay heed to them. Just to keep in mind, ” Still a long way to go before I sleep.”
    Thank you very much sir. a very good post.

  11. Very nice statement have potrayed above the article. Yes we should be stisfied in our present and position and doing hard-work for changing our situation. Be satisfied is a great quality for everyone because it has great contribution can change our life. Only satisfied person can develop their life. Without satisfied people feel depression as well as inner frustration. Due to disatisfied be destroy many people lives. As a human we should be satisfied. We are the fortunate person owing to lead safe life. We have know any health disorder that’s why we should keep satsified.

    Honest men always have to legend one in the world. Honest and hardworking is an inseparable part of becoming success in our life. So we should practice to be honest man and leading honest life. When a people is going to lead honest life naturally he/she involves in hardworking. Hardworking never dethrone human from their way. Thankyou sir for describing nicely.

  12. The article ‘Move ahead in life with Confidence’ is so powerful, realistic and helpful. People with zero confidence suffer a lot in there entire life. Indubitably, confidence is essential tools to be successful and to do a work enthusiastically. I have achieved confidence from Search English group that yes, I can write. Perhaps I do mistakes but I can write and I have to write.

  13. It needs to skip people thought about yourself. Confidence means to believe your work and be stable in your point.

  14. our society very selfish . you have money they do respect you don’t have money then you neglect . so funny matter.

  15. Md.Harun ar Arashid

    Confidence is good asset when your confidence level is high then time your work is easy.Our country’s maximum people knowledge so good but confidence level is low reason English practice is not available that’s why thanking depression. We can over come all type of complex work so no tension we will be success.

  16. In this article said that move ahead in life with confidence.I believe that without confidence I could not do anything successfully.if I have confident then I could do anything without confusion.when I was in first year student in this time my viva voce held,one of my teacher gave me a equation to solve and also he gave this equation randomly equipped.I solved it with few times then my teacher said to me increased my confidence.

  17. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Really vaiya you are right. ..we should to go onward with full confidence. ..
    No need to change ourselves for others ..if anyone try to jeer with us it also okay just work hard and achieve ..

  18. I am struggling for ages to accomplish my dream. At this moment I am doing a full time job and practicing part time for my dream. I believe confidence will come when there is little bit success. My dream is to be a content writer in English and getting the flow is the small small success for me so far where I am managing time for my skill’s improvement. Every single point mentioned in the post is true and definitely will lead a person to the success he/she is dreaming honestly.

  19. Loneliness naiym

    Thanks sir for another inspirational post.
    The more I have read your post the more I’m getting inspiration. Really, your post is so inspirational.
    We have to do work hard then we could be successful. Success will come when we will work hard..Before joining here I was lived in Fools paradise. I thought that because of being a student of Degree I couldn’t do any good job.But, after joining here I always get inspiration from you.And I dream a lot. Your inspiration has opened my blind eyes.
    I’m not getting any words to give you thanks.
    Really you have opend my blind eyes. I’m greatful to you.

  20. Abu Bakkar Siddik

    in our society are full of dull people though they are more popular and being educated . our society evaluated us only using a good grades getting in the competition. But i think is that this is the high time to eradicate this type of judgement towards a students. The people who aren’t passed in the exam they are now leading in the world in different fields. Lastly, i would like to say that we have to be more professional in case of judging people and more social being good human.

  21. Thank u sir..It is a motivational article.We should keep on our confidence for doing any work properly. Without confidence, we can deserve good result. so that it must necessary..

  22. Rashed Talukder

    self confidence is most value things what do help to acquire success. if you haven’t confidence you’ll defeat in any works. we are then be happy when can done works as like as you want. this is satisfaction. satisfactory is peaceable capacity what is give speed to move forward. earning money is another difficulties. we are fall in problem to earn money or doller. lack confidence we never reach success.

  23. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    You captured the real scenerio of our society for the present. It’s the great that you shown us the way to overcome our disheartened and depressing about our future.We need to think money can’t all for happiness. we need to dream a bright future and a better career which will give us fame and satisfaction. I think everybody need to think this way to make a strong confidence. More confidence will give us more inspiration and energy.So we will be able to be a success. Thank you sir for this motivational post.

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