”Million Dollar Baby” Movie review

Yesterday night i watched a movie which was very nice.Actually it was a motivational movie which name is ”Million Dollar Baby”. After watching this movie, i understood some basic things to get the success. OK i am going to share the summary with all of you.
The movie represented a poor young girl who had a strong urge to be a good boxer. But she hadn’t any trainer or coach from whom she could learn boxing. Her name was Maggie & she was a waitress at a food-shop.

one day she went to watch a male boxing match from where she found a trainer. she tried to talk with the trainer whose name was Frankie. when Maggie talked with him .he demotivated her & told that he won’t teach a female.But the girl was very determined to fulfill her dream. so she admitted a gym where Frankie taught his one student. she was the only female student in that gym.when Frankie saw her then he talked with Maggie & told her to left the gym. Frankiee also asked his manager(as well as friend) why he let her admit?

The Manger tried to convince Frankee to take Maggie seriously. Because he ( manager) saw that the girl is
very hard working & eager to learn boxing. but Fankiee refused it again . so Maggie tried to learn by her own & practiced until late night. she was doing very hard work .after finishing her work she came to the gym & practiced a lot. sometimes The manger tried to help Maggie to learn basic things of boxing because he lived a tiny room of that gym. but the manager was not good at Frankiee.

oneday Frankiee(coach) got shocked because his best student left him. That night he came to his gym to talk with the manager & he got the practicing noise. Then he saw that Maggie is practicing at late night. Then he went
in front of her & told her why she is doing it ? Maggie told him (frankiee) if u train me i promise i will win all the matches & please teach me.
Then Frankiee told her OK i will teach you some basic things, after that i will let you another trainer of that gym. so someday Frankee taught Maggie & left her before the first match. when the match started Maggie just followed what Frankee said in her training & applied the technique & won the match.
After watching her first match Frankiee decided that he will train Maggie to win the International Match. so she was working hard & won all the national matches from where she
participated. After many struggle, one day she got international call from where she have to beat the world’s best female boxer. Magiee & Frankiee was very excited for that match & did more hard work to win the match. so finally that day came & she tried her best level to beat the best boxer.

After a strong fight at last round Maggie beat her & won the match. so when she just got out from the boxing field that time the looser punched Maggie suddenly. she fell on a metal tool & injured horribly. After that her neck had broken & she hospitalized. she couldn’t move anywhere & never did anything in her life. so she got depressed a lot & tried to kill herself. Maggie talked Frankie many times to help her for suicide . but Frankie refused it all the time. After seeing her
sorrow one day Frankiee took a decision to let her die & he pushed an injection maggie to die. In a way Magiee story ended.

After watching this movie i realized one thing that at first we have to set a goal what we want to achieve. Then we should try our level best to reach our destination.
Thanks a lot sir for giving me such kind of movie.


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