Mighty-macs Movie review

From the evening, I am suffering a very bad headache for that reason today I am going to write a short summary about another inspirational movie. The movie name is Mighty-macs. The story started by one church where many Catholic girls studied. One day the head of the church requited a tiny basketball coach whose name was Cathy Rush. She (couch) was very passionate about her work & she believes that teamwork & trust is the main power to win a match. So she selected some girls for teaching the basketball. Though her team had no gym and no uniforms, she tried her level best to become her team as a national champion. Her team was also started working hard to win different matches. Even at the cold night they just practiced more & more. Sometimes the coach heard many bad things from church Authority. But she (couch) never stopped her work.In this way, the team learned different technique & became the national champion one day.
Actually, at first you have to believe in yourself. Be sure what you want then work hard toward on it & push yourself until the very end.


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